Monday, June 6, 2011

Yogurt+Fruit bar

It has been a routine with my crazy friends whoever is available to visit synagogue every Sunday. After the mass we head straight to Qoola “Frozen yogurt +fruit bar.

Qoola is a Canadian company which is a brand new in metro. Having never gone to any other Qoola locations, I wasn't sure what to expect. But it's basically a self serve frozen yogurt bar, where you get your own paper cup, swirl your own frozen yogurt into the container, and put any toppings you want.

The first thing I noticed is that the cup they provide is HUGE. This is the tricky bit, because you pay by the weight, and you naturally want to fill that big cup, right? Beware. But what's great is that they have a lot of choice as far as frozen yogurt go, lychee, strawberry, original and I forget the other one. You don’t have to worry you can ask for a free taste.

I choose Lychee yogurt- it tasted very much like lychee, with slightly smoky undercurrent, if that makes sense. Afterwards, we headed to the toppings counter. They have a variety of fresh fruits, cereals, chocolates, nuts and even gummy bears. They also have syrups which you can pour onto your yogurt ice cream. The flavors of the syrup are caramel, maple, honey and chocolate. 

Warning: you pay it by weight:)

My verdict: it’s yummy but it will take a bang of your pocket- tad pricey but still, I’ll return for a once in a while treat and aside from yogurt ice cream, they also have smoothies which are also self-served.

Qoola is located between Greenbelt 1 and 2 (near National Bookstore). They have free wifi but they don’t have outlets here. Better have your laptops fully charged before coming in. The crew here are very friendly and they’ll teach you how to operate the yogurt ice cream machine.

Life is good!

So we need to savour each mouthful yogurt. You're not eating to survive. You're eating to live:)

How was your weekend?

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