Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easy days does it!

Weather has been bad this week but it didn’t stop me to have a sunny attitude. Yesterday I accompanied my little brother to the airport and bid goodbye and goodluck for his two months on the job training at Shangri-la and Astoria boracay.

I’m surprised at how much my brother grown up, he’s taller than me but I swear to God I’m genuinely happy for him and for sure your dogs miss you so much right now!
And I got the change to wonder around the airport, grab ice cold coffee  and had a quick lunch before heading to work.

All I can say is that Terminal 3( domestic flight ) is far better than our International sad:(
  See you soon Bro...I'll visit you one of this day:) crossing my fingers!

And later that night we celebrated one of my close girl friend birthday...a night of Tequila! Hola!
oh I just love my earrings that night  from Forever 21:)
Sorry guys for the overload of pictures I just love to share it with you and tonight I hope this rain stop cause I still need to meet my friend who just arrived from Germany:)
Life is good!

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