Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello... rainy days

How was your rainy weekend? I indulge myself to slumber cause I badly need it.
I been out two months on the road visited two Philippines festival  ( The Moriones/Pahiyas) and birthday
parties of my old good friends so I really deserve it all.The gentle thing sleep- pole to pole:)

However, I feel bored...fixed a cup of Joe then set on the corner and listen to
 every drop of the rain....but dullness still knocks on my head. 

what happened next? I rummage into my wardrobe and guess what I have found..
perfect pieces for rainy days:)

 Muddy Sweater by Mark and Spencer  and Clio knitted sweater. 

I love how flexible this two sweaters! necks are wide enough to be off the shoulder on 
one side can be worn with a lace tank top underneath or with no clothing underneath. 
Skinny jeans or legging is very flattering with any off this shoulder sweater. 
It will provide balance with a big volume top.

and ankle boots that will make the look perfect:) what do you think?

also I found this...

A rock n roll jacket..I never thought that a rockstar live inside my wardrobe. 
Leather jacket from G2000 and Zara- I don't know if its a biker jacket or whatever it is 
but one thing I know I love them  more!

and this....

dkny denim jacket and  thrifted trench coat.

The thrifted trench coat has  become my staple wardrobe last Christmas 
 and I guess I'm going to recycle it this rainy season

And this dark gray and red gray stripped TerraNova Sweater

With its revolving door of trends, fashion can be an expensive habit. 
Luckily, some of the items I have spotted in my wardrobe are perfect for rainy days. 
So I guess I don’t need to buy a new one. It’s a matter of recycle.

But if you intend to shop a new wardrobe for this season  make sure
 that you invest into pieces that you can cultivate a wardrobe that can be recycled -- 
instead of thrown away -- each season. 

And remember that money can disappear easily. 
Money is like a bird with wings: it can fly away if you are not careful:)

Life is good!

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