Monday, January 31, 2011

A couple more curves...

Couldn't resist some "travel photo" curves


As I have posted before, I love the works of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. A highlight of last year was visiting Barcelona, where many of his beautiful buildings can be seen. Above is the exterior of the Casa Battlio, and left and below are 2 shots from inside the main entertainment room.

The man had a thing about curves - there are very few straight lines in his buildings. On the roof there are all sorts of little chimney and ventilation shaft coverings - all of them rounded.

Two more shots of the exterior.

And finally, another ventilation cover, from the roof of the house 
called La Pedrera:

M&M Monday - OCD

One of the comment traits of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the need to have items in straight rows or consistent groupings. I clearly am not OCD because when I offered this picture as a joking example to two of my moderately OCD friends, I received the following responses:

"The yellow are too high and completely out of square, have you considering using a straight edge to get them right?"

"When you enlarge the photo you can clearly see that there has been no effort to align the embossed M's on the individual candies."

Also I can now attest that cats are seldom OCD or at least Midnight is not because just after I took the picture above his paw snaked up from the dining room chair to this result.

"Before there was Prozac, we had purring cats."
M&M Art by me and Midnight

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ryan Adams - Nuclear

01 - Nuclear
02 - Blue

Ryan Adams

Bloc Party - Flux (Remixes)

01 - Flux (JFK Remix)
02 - Flux (Punx Soundcheck 'Tenebrae' Remix)
03 - Flux (Metal on Metal Remake)
04 - Flux (GoodBooks Magnetism Mix)

Bloc Party

The Wildhearts - Suckerpunch

01 - Suckerpunch
02 - Beautiful Thing You
03 - Two-Way Idiot Mirror
04 - 29 X The Pain

The Wildhearts

Hair, less Hair, Hairless

For many years I had a hairy tradition of growing a winter beard and taking it off during the spring conference I attend in late March or early April. Intervening warmer climates, like Las Vegas, disrupted my hirsute practice.

This year I grew the beard and the hair, which is to say what hair I still have; but I find myself unable to wait until late March to divest as I will be returning soon to more temperate climes.

Several friends tell me the beard makes me look older; must be the grey.

While other friends, all of the female persuasion, prefer me with facial fuzz.

As I say in all of my relational endeavors, if there were a consistent female presence in my life, she could request any flocculent configuration she desired.

Until that time, it will be a thermal decision.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thematic Photographic 132: Curves

This week's idea to play with is curves (check Carmi's site for more info).


This was taken on the same outing as last week's blue leaning 
man, and marks the marina/yacht club premises. I've always
liked the shapes of propellor blades.

I've posted this before - it's a wind wand by kinetic artist
Len Lye, on the foreshore in New Plymouth. It bends and 
moves in the wind - of which there is plenty in
this small city on the west coast of New Zealand.

The curving banks of the Whanganui River, taken from the 
old steamer which carries visitors on this waterway. 

In Māori legend, the Whanganui River was formed when Mt Taranaki who had lived peacefully in the centre of New Zealand's North Island with three other volcanoes, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu, courted the gorgeous Mt Pihanga.
A mighty battle broke out between him and Tongariro. The earth shook and the sky became dark as the mountains belched forth their anger. When the battle ended, Pihanga stood close by Tongariro's side. Taranaki, wild with grief and jealousy, wrenched himself from the ground and plunged towards the setting sun, gouging out a deep wide trench.The next day a stream of clear water sprang from the side of Tongariro, flowing down the deep scar Taranaki had left on his journey to the coast, and formed the Whanganui River.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Supernaturals - The Day Before Yesterday's Man (CD1)

01 - The Day Before Yesterday's Man
02 - Ken's Song
03 - Honk Williams

The Supernaturals

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Crackout - This Is What We Do

01 - This Is What We Do
02 - Crazy In Love


Senser - Charming Demons

01 - Charming Demons (edit)
02 - Charming Demons (keep on dreaming vocal mix)
03 - Charming Demons (the DJ Awe mix)
04 - Charming Demons (keep on dreaming instrumental mix)
05 - Charming Demons


Star 80

I 've had this post lingering in the queue for several months or more. Then last night it came up again "the scariest movie I have ever seen was . . . " For me the scariest film  is derived from the scariest character ever. If you have seen Star 80 you probably agree with me and very possibly you are not going to finish reading this post because you don't want to be reminded.

Star 80 is the story of Playboy playmate of the year (1979) Dorothy Stratten, played in the movie by Mariel Hemingway. Eric Roberts plays her boyfriend and low life Svengali. The story plays out in Hollywood and in particular at the Playboy Mansion. It ends when Paul Snider (the real life character) murders the real Dorothy Stratten and then kills himself. Now the story itself is not that unusual. What is compelling is acting of Eric Roberts.

If you have ever known a person, probably a man, who could literally go from love to hate in an instant, then you know Paul Snider. The mercurial explosions of anger, hate and the fear such behavior engenders has never been depicted as frighteningly as it is in Star 80.

The film came out in 1983, it was not a big success; too close to the truth apparently. But still today Roberts is often asked about the film and finds people still reacting to the brilliant fearfulness of this character.

I highly recommend the film and I strongly suggest you see it with the lights on.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Impossibles - The Drum

01 - The Drum
02 - Our Love Is God
03 - Therapy?
04 - The Drum (12' Mix)


Kasabian - Club Foot

01 - Club Foot
02 - The Duke
03 - Bang
04 - Club Foot (Jimmy Douglass Remix)
05 - Club Foot (Live at Brixton Academy)


The House of Love - Crush Me

01 - Crush Me
02 - Christine
03 - Loneliness is a Gun
04 - The Hill

The House of Love

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's been a terrible week, as our community has struggled with trying to come to terms with a horror crash which caused the deaths of 3 people, and extremely serious injuries to 2 others. Two of the dead were teenagers, 17 and 16, and the driver of the other car, a 44 year-old father of 3, also died.

Such pointless and meaningless deaths. Why is it that in spite of all of the "driver education" programs in schools and in public forums such as magazines and television, some youg people still think they are bullet-proof?

Coincidentally, a new report was released this week about the people who cause crashes - but it didn't tell us anything new or surprising. 

I strongly believe that the driving age here in New Zealand is too low - at 15 they can get their Learner's License, then there are 2 further stages before they get a full license. On checking the net I found that there are a few countries where the minimum age is 16, and a couple of US states where it is 15.  Most countries have a far more sensible 18 or 17. Ours should be raised.

"Boy, when you're dead, they really fix you up.  I hope 
to hell when I do die somebody has sense enough to 
just dump me in the river or something.  Anything except 
sticking me in a goddam cemetery.  People coming and 
putting a bunch of flowers on your stomach on Sunday, 
and all that crap.  Who wants flowers 
when you're dead?  Nobody."
~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days

01 - These Are Days
02 - Starman
03 - These Days

10,000 Maniacs

That Petrol Emotion - Hey Venus

01 - Hey Venus (Mad Thatcher Disease Mix Edit)
02 - Groove Check (Check This Groove Out)
03 - Sensitise (Sensi Mix)
04 - Light & Shade

That Petrol Emotion

Jeff Buckley - Peyote Radio Theatre

01 - Mojo Pin
02 - Dream Brother (Nag Champa Mix)
03 - Kanga-Roo

Jeff Buckley


Do you train your friends to not send you internet humor? I do, or at least I discourage most of it but leave a couple of avenues open because several of my friends and relatives have very strange and entertaining funny bones. The other day someone not on my 'humor allowed' list sent me a list of 50 one-liners and a note that said "I'll bet that you wouldn't be ashamed to put at least a dozen of these on your blog." Let's see, remember he said a dozen. [added comments are mine]

3. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die [along with emptying the contents of 'that' drawer or in the case of certain friends 'that' closet]

9. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong [the measure of wisdom is what you say next]

16. There is great need for a sarcasm font [if only so people we are trying to insult would get it and visa versa]

21. Google maps really needs to start directions on # 5. I'm pretty sure by now I know how to get out of my neighborhood.

29. Bad decisions make good stories [and great blogs]

31. I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call [Yep, I have two]

38. How many times is it appropriate to say "What?" before you just nod and smile because you still don't understand a word they are saying? [I did this once on a date, I was shocked when I later discovered what I had agreed to]

42. The first testicular guard, the "Cup," was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974.That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important [I like juxtapositional humor. Two contortionists walk into a bar . . .]

So, 8 out of 50 not bad but not a dozen either.

Let me leave you with a blond joke from one of my unblocked sources.

A short, thin heavily spectacled middle-aged guy shuffles into a bar, sits down in front of the bartender and orders a shot. The bartenders smirks, assumes he didn't notice he had walked into a bar called the Dyke's Den, she serves him his drink. The man downs the shot and says:

"You wanna hear a blond joke?"

The bartender says: "Maybe you want to look up here first."

The guy looks up at the six foot two blond bartender as she says:

"Wendy here is our waitress." 

Wendy has more tattoos than the guy has ever seen and she too is blond.

"Joyce at the door is our bouncer."

The guy swivels in his chair to see golden haired Joyce in full motorcycle leathers and a nasty look on her face.

"and Mary over there is the owner."

Mary seems to fill the door of the office near the back of the bar, she has to go 250 and, of course, platinum hair. 

"You sure you want to tell a blond joke?" asked the bartender.

"Well hell no," said the guy "not if I am going to have to repeat it four times."

Monday, January 24, 2011

M&M Monday - BiPolar Disorder

I mentioned that my M&Ms series was prompted by some psychologically based art I saw on the web. I was struck by how some psychology terms could be graphically represented. Today three images of what we might visually imagine as bipolar disorder, which used to be manic-depression and before that schizophrenia.

Sometimes we think of bi-polar disorder as being an A or B state of mind (below); when, in fact, it is very often more like AcdefghizyxwvutsrqwnkthvydhskB multi-stated state of mind (above).

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
Art by: me

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Frames - Headlong

01 - Headlong
02 - God Bless Mom
03 - New Partner
04 - Listen Girl

The Frames

Briana Corrigan - Love Me Now (CD1)

01 - Love Me Now
02 - I Put My Arms Out To You
03 - Nicotine

Briana Corrigan

Listen To Your Heart

It has been a busy weekend planning our wedding - tomorrow it will be 7 weeks until our big day.  Planning our wedding has been an interesting exposure to many key learning opportunities for me - one of the main reminders for me is about the importance to Listen To Your Heart. 

In planning a wedding, there are so many decisions to be made - it is actually a great exercise in decision making.  It is interesting that over the course of my life I have always viewed myself as someone who is indecisive, believing that it is a trait of me being of Libra starsign.  I have even completed management courses on decision making and yet for a long time I have struggled with making decisions, even believing that I have made so many bad decisions, wrong decisions, and I have found it humorous that I still make bad decisions after studying the process through courses and reading books.

I have previously thought that one process of decision making was to get out a piece of paper and write down all of the pros and cons, the for and against - and through this process, what seems to be the obvious decision "should" appear (this is the theory).  And yet often this is a process that just involves thinking, not always how we are feeling.  A good example of this process is when in the 'Sex and the City: The Movie' Miranda and Steve separate and Miranda is deciding if she should reconcile the marriage and she spends time writing her list.  It is interesting that this does not reveal the truth to her - it is only when she listens to herself, her heart, her own Truth that she races to meet her Husband on Brooklyn Bridge and they kiss and express how much they love each other.

Through my Coaching Course and over the last two years I have learnt the fail proof way to make decisions, it is such a simple process, a simple Truth, a Truth that I am still practicing and perfecting and a Truth I want to share with My Man, Family, Friends - very much with my Clients.  THE TRUTH - Decision Making 101 - Listen To Your Heart.

I don't know when we stop listening to our own Heart, perhaps when we go to school and we start learning all of these facts and figures and there is so much emphasis on thinking and using our minds.  Or is it when we start high school and we experience peer pressure and "try hard" to fit into the crowd.  Or is it through reading all of the magazines and watching all of these advertisements and we strive for perfection according to what "they" say - always trying to please others.  No wonder we get confused and lose a sense of ourselves.

As you Listen To Your Heart, it is definitely not a process of thinking - it is a process of feeling, listening, sitting in the quietness - what is our gut feel, what is the feeling in our body - and it is in the quietness we can hear the call of our Soul - it is in the spaciousness that we can feel Spirit rising.

One of the main areas of my Coaching work is helping Clients get in touch with their own Truth and to live from this place.  I love my work as a Coach, it is so rewarding.  It is also very important to me that I am an Integral Practitioner, that I live my own Truth and apply what I am learning.

My wedding has been a great opportunity to practice being true to my Self.  When it comes to a wedding, everyone has an opinion of how it "should" be done, what is expected - and there are so many magazines (beautiful images) that draw us in - and it is easy to get caught up with the excitement and wanting the day to be perfect.  And of course there is nothing wrong with wanting it to be perfect in our own way.

Today I had a tough moment with my Mum.  I love my Mum so much, my Mum is my best friend.  I worry about my Mum and I am so Grateful that my Mum is feeling well and that she will be with us to celebrate our special day.  Today my Mum came over to look at my dresses - I have 2 dresses that have been hanging in my cupboard as potential wedding dresses.  There is the cream lace wedding dress that is beautiful and that my Mum loves - and I like.  And there is my very special Yellow gown that I LOVE.  I showed my Mum my Yellow gown with my beautiful brooch and my beautiful shoes that I bought yesterday (I love my shoes - I finally get how Carrie in 'Sex and the City' feels so much love of shoes - it is true they make my dress more beautiful).  As soon as I put on my Yellow dress I felt magical, I felt special, I felt alive, I felt confident, I felt beautiful, I felt ME.  My Mum liked the dress - more than she had the first time she had seen it - and I felt we had turned a corner.  Unfortunately I made the mistake of trying on the other lace dress, after my Mum asked me to try it on - and then I saw the look in my Mum's eyes - she liked the lace dress more - best of all.  For me the lace dress is beautiful and yet I do not feel it is the right dress for me.  I took off the dress, put it in the bag and felt disappointed and upset, very disappointed.  My Mum also looked sad and said that she was just telling me her opinion.  I told my Mum that I loved my Yellow dress, that this was right for me, that this felt right for me.  I told my Mum that she had raised me to be an individual, to be my own person and most of all I wanted my Mum to say that most of all she just wanted me to be happy and to wear the dress that made me happy.

I felt sad that my Mum was upset.  It made me very sad.  And yet I know that wearing the dress I love on our wedding day is just a symbol of my decision to live my own Truth, to follow this sacred principle of Listen To Your Heart.  And I do believe that by listening to my Heart and following my Truth, that this is Inspired by God - forever and always encouraging me to be true to my Self, to be my Self, loving me for my Self.

After my Mum left I played one of my favourite songs - 'Who Are You Listening To' Ginny Owens
I love these words -
"This is your life,
And yet somehow,
They decide,
What you're about,
You learn your lines,
And take your cues,
But who are you listening to?

You change your clothes,
And how you speak,
You place your hope,
In what they think,
Before you know
There's no more you,
Who are you listening to-
Have you noticed how much you fear,
All the voices you choose to hear

Who are you listening to?
Who tells you what to do?
Who rules your thoughts at night?
Whose rules define your life?
Oh, you know it's up to you,
So who are you listening to

This is your life,
You have no choice,
You will rely
On someone's voice,
And it's all right
To question who,
Who are you listening to?
Do the words that you believe
Set your soul and spirit free

There's a quiet voice,
Whispering in your heart,
It's been there all along,
It believes in you,
It will tell the truth,
Can't you hear it call?

I love this song.

About 10 minutes after my Mum left, I received a call from my Mum.  My Mum told me that she liked my Yellow dress - I was overcome with emotion hearing my Mum's voice and don't really remember the exact words.  I told my Mum that I loved her and my Mum said "I love you and that's why I want you (don't think it was that exact word) to wear the dress that makes you happy".  I could hear my Mum was emotional and was crying ((unlike my Mum (not very unlike me, I am often getting emotional, including now as I watch'Australia')).

Our wedding is 7 weeks away tomorrow and there are still decisions to be made and I am committed to listening to my Heart and loving My Man as we work together to create our special day - and that's another lesson for me - in relationship, the importance of staying true to my Self AND also listening to, and honouring, what makes My Man happy.  It is true that in the planning of our wedding, I am learning so much, and practicing skills that will serve us forever and always in our relationship.

It is now 12.01am Monday - now it is today - 7 weeks away will be our day.

My Alice's Restaurant

I wonder what is the subset of poor souls who read my blog but have not heard nor seen Alice's Restaurant? If by any chance you, by some freak of history, are such a person; I would strongly suggest you have missed one of the great culture experiences of our time, nay of any time and you should endeavor to hear and see AR as soon as possible. You may immediately hear a contemporary rendition with film clips by clicking on that there link. Doing so will delay your enjoyment of my words by about 18 minutes but will be well worth the journey. In the alternative you will, even without the clip, be able to follow my story below but perhaps not catch all of the whitful nuance. 

My story, much like the original is not about Alice's Restaurant, which is not the name of the restaurant anyway. No, my story is about the draft, which by no small coincidence is what Alice's Restaurant is about. You may remember this exchange from about midway in the song and the movie.

"Kid, see the psychiatrist, room 604."

And I went up there, I said, "Shrink, I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna se blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies, I mean kill, Kill, Kill, Kill." And I started jumpin' up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL," and he started jumpin' up and down with me and we was both jumping up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL." And the sergeant came over, pinned a medal on me, said, "You're our boy." 

Now that's not my favorite exchange in the tale, story, movie or song; no that comes much earlier and goes like this: Twenty-seven eight-by-ten color glossy pictures with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used in as evidence against us. But like I said this is a story about the draft, my personal story about being nearly drafted and not as you might have thought a story about Alice or the restaurant, so I should probably get to my story. But you can still chose to hear the whole original AR with that link up there or you could read the lyrics or even come back later and do both. In any case I should get on with My Alice's Restaurant Story. 

Back in the late fall of 1967 I dropped out of college. I left college on a Thursday, I remember this because on the following Wednesday, a mere six days later, I received a notice to report for my draft physical. Back in those days there was a lot of political pressure not to allow college students to avoid the draft my hanging around a campus without actually advancing towards a degree. Many college registrars felt compelled to vigorously inform the selective service of any change in student status and many recruiting centers acted with haste to fill their body quota.

So this is the story of one cold December 22nd, 1967; when I was selected to have my classifying pre-induction general physical and screening at the army's Fort Wayne facility in Detroit, Michigan. The bus was scheduled to leave the Ann Arbor bus station promptly at 7 a.m. on one amazingly cold winter morning. A snow storm two days before had left piles of now plowed snow all along the roads from my home nine miles away, the dark morning had shards of icy snow whipping on the wind.

Our bus was full but just as it started to roll there was a thump on the door, the driver let one more passenger/victim/future cannon fodder on and said:

"Find a seat somewhere, we're full up today."

The slight and clearly confused new arrival wore a huge winter parka with a wildly fur-lined hood. He took a quick glance down the four rows of faces and sat down on the steps by the door.

"Suit yourself," said the driver and we were off into the still dark morning heading for Detroit an hour away.

Slowly we all warmed up and woke up and conversations began. As it turned out only about half of the bus were there for our first physical. Others were being called back because they failed previously and as many as ten or twelve were there to actually be inducted into the military, they would not be returning with us to Ann Arbor that evening. No, they were off to war. Vietnam did come up in conversation and several of our crew were eager to get there, the dissenting opinion was not aired in the early morning light. Our last minute arrival stayed fully cocooned in his ginormous parka and did not participate in the chatter.

We arrived at Fort Wayne and entered under an newly installed archway that read: "Induction Center". I felt somehow that the day would not go well. Our busload was moved to a classroom to take a screening test prior to our physical. A sergeant stood at the podium and instructed each entering group to find seats and fill out the basic information on the form with the pencil provided. Then we were to color in the dots beneath the letters and numbers. These instructions were repeated each time a new group entered the room and a immediately dislikable private strode about the room in his pressed green uniform and checked our work.

I was in my second year of college, so under years of education I had put 14. The private glanced at my info. sheet and said:

"Fourteen, you know that means you've had two years of college."

I decided at that point I would go with silence as my default mode when dealing with anyone in uniform.

"What you couldn't keep your grades up even to avoid vietnam?"

Nope, I was going with silence. He moved on. Seated two seats in front of me was the parka wearing introvert and he was clearly struggling with the concept of coloring in the boxes under the letters of his name. The private prick in green pounced. He berated the kid and it became obvious fairly quickly the kid was not faking it. He either had taken one too many tabs of acid this morning or he was just not right in the head. In any case he was  a helpless target for the asshole in green and the sergeant, not twenty feet away, showed no interest in ending the torment.

I briefly considered intervening but we were in land of the military. We had already been told several times that they could keep us overnight for any reason at any time, we would be told that at least a dozen times during the course the day. I decided that hero was not the wisest course of action while inside of a military induction center. We took our test. The tests were immediately graded, the 90%+ who passed were moved out to begin our physicals and the remaining group, including parka boy, were told they would now take another test and if they were trying to fake a failing grade they would be discovered and kept overnight. The last I saw of parka boy, he was being taunted again by the evil green private.

The details of the next five hours spent in shoes, socks and underwear are a story for another time. I'll make a note to put that story in the queue, it's funny but distracting from todays Alice's Restaurant theme. You basically process through 22 physical stations and get a check mark at each one. Near the end your file gets reviewed and you are sent to a final guy who tells you your immediate fate. Mine was to get dressed and follow the signs.

I got dressed, checked the boarding board and discovered my bus was 1-2 hours from departure. So I followed the signs for the lunch room. I found myself walking down a long hallway, near the far end were a couple of people I could not make out until I got closer. Facing me was parka boy now moaning, crying and shaking violently; with his back to me was the same private prick still berating and taunting the kid. I look behind me and saw no one, I was alone in his massively long hallway with parka boy and the evil green military incarnate.

Now remember I am nineteen at this time and had just been poked, prodded, injected, selected and rejected for five hours. I made a somewhat irrational decision, I was now ten feet from the evil green tyrant, I raised my left arm to throw a forearm shiver at the private's head. I figured that between my arm and the concrete wall, he was going down and out. What would happen next, well I hadn't worked that part out. My adrenaline spiked and ...

At that moment a large dark green uniform pushed past me, I had not heard him coming and only had an instant to notice a lot of scrambled egg yellow on his shoulder. He spun the private around with one hand and with the other he grabbed his name tag and ripped it and half of the front of his shirt off. The major or general or whatever put his arm around parka boy and took him through a nearby door. The whole scene took less than twenty seconds.

I was now alone with the private who had turned as white as his cotton t-shirt that was exposed through the huge hole that the officer had torn in his shirt. He was using the wall for support or he would have been curled up in a ball on the floor. I leaned in close to his ear and whispered three syllables very slowly: Vi - et - nam.

Now that is a great finish to the story I know but there was one more scene. When our bus was finally loaded several hours later, as we pulled away from the induction center into the dark winter evening, I looked up to a second floor window and there brightly illuminated was parka boy standing on an exam table with three white coated doctors around him. He was waving his arms and jumping up and down; and although I couldn't hear him, I was was sure he was shouting: "I wanna kill! Kill! Kill!"

"You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant, excepting Alice."

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thematic Photographic 131: Blue

Yay! This week's theme is blue, my favourite colour - except when it's green. Or purple, or yellow....

So many pictures to choose from. I promise that they're not all sea ones ;)
I posted a sepia version of this photo last year, but here's the original version, which I like much better. This is in the Uyuni salt desert in Bolivia. Isn't that the bluest sky you've ever seen?

The decorative 'flower' pods on a Nikau palm, against a beautiful blue sky.

I love tennis. When I went to Melbourne last year it was great to visit the Rod Laver Arena where the Australian open is being held as we speak! This is the Margaret Court court :)

A waterfront scene in our capital city, Wellington

This chap struck me as having a rather wistful air, in spite of his hat almost matching the bin he's leaning on. What was he gazing at? This:

Thematic Photographic happens every week here. Check it out!

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