Thursday, September 30, 2010

Radiohead - Paranoid Android (CD1)

01 - Paranoid Android
02 - Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)
03 - Pearly


Faithless - We Come 1

01 - We Come 1 (Radio Edit)
02 - We Come 1 (Wookie Remix)
03 - We Come 1 (Rocket vs Jeno Remix)


Moby - Porcelain

01 - Porcelain (Single Version)
02 - Flying Over The Dateline
03 - Summer


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baking in the Las Vegas Sun

While we suffer through an unusual fall heat wave here in the Bay Area, I was sent this toasty story from Las Vegas. It seems yet another glass tower is turning people on the ground into sizzling strips of human bacon. This is not the first time this has happened in Vegas, they are known for buildings that double as solar reflectors. Today it is the brand new City Center on the Strip, more specifically the Vdara towers. Perhaps appropriately the focus of the heat wave hits the pool at Vdara, meaning the people are already bare and basted.

The curvature of the South Tower is the problem. It forms a really nice parabola that focuses the sun's rays into about a 10'x15' patch of sizzle that moves with the rotation of the earth. Pool goers have reported melted drink cups, scorched hair and many medium rare humans. You see these people are already laying out by a pool in the 100+ degree Las Vegas sun. Estimates are that the death ray reaches temperatures about 20 degrees higher than the surrounding safe zones, so we are looking at 130 even 140 degrees at times. By the way, management prefers "hot spot" or "solar convergence" to the more off-putting "Vdara death ray."

What is more interesting is that such solar problems were anticipated and a special film was placed on the glass surfaces of the Vdara towers which disperses 70% of the reflected energy. One has to wonder why the entire City Center isn't tapping this solar power to run the place instead of dispersing it below fatal levels. This is not the first time hotels towers have created hot spots, the golden towers of Mandalay Bay still do create a moveable baking spot, which pool staff note is often sought out by bathers in the early spring and late fall cooler days. In the summer apparently they simply avoid the spot, apparently there is a better early warning system at the Mandalay Bay pool.
artwork: Las Vegas Review Journal

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Fabric of Friendship

I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.
-Gilda Radner

Like Gilda I make my sartorial selections based solely on comfort. I once wrote that "96.4% of my clothes are cotton" but I really don't think I own that many shoes anymore. I remember as if it was yesterday the first dress slacks my mother bought me, they were gray and felt like fiberglass on my legs. I just don't get scratchy garments, perhaps there is a wide variation in tactile sensitivity or it may be that I am simply too sensitive for this harsh world. But this is not a post about clothing but rather one about comfort. I stumbled upon the Gilda Radner quote and it reminded me of one of my absolute favorite lines -

I like my friends as I like my sofa that they may easily be reclined upon.

Unfortunately I am reminded of this by an olde friend who is ever so slowly slipping away. Not from life mind you but from our friendship. I had not been able to figure out exactly why this was happening until recently when I was with him and a small gathering of his friends. The conversation was sarcastic, critical of everyone identified as "they" and just plain unhappy. I don't know what happened to my friend but he now runs with the truly disenchanted and morose.

I enjoy the company of bright, talented, interesting and interested friends and those who seek comfort in our friendship. Opinions can held and defended without vitriol, disagreements tend to be of degree not of core beliefs. Laughter is genuine, conversation is expansive and care is inclusive that they may be easily reclined upon.

Spaghetti Clipart

Today I'm beginning a new series on pasta clipart, beginning with spaghetti clipart. These days I'm on a serious diet so I'm not eating spaghetti very often, but when my waistline was less of a concern I used to eat spaghetti at least once a week, that's how much I like it. There are countless variations on the spaghetti theme, even when you keep the same pasta base. You simply make some changes to the spaghetti sauce recipe. I'm a big fan of white cream sauce, but there are lots of great tomato-based sauces as well.

This clipart image of spaghetti could be useful for those with websites about food, or a website promoting their own restaurant.

Yummy-looking spaghetti clipart

This image was found on Visit that site for lots of great free clipart.

Opportunity For Self-Reflection

Over the last couple of months, I have been enjoying the Opportunity For Self-Reflection.  This has been a recommendation as part of my Life Coaching Professional Training and it has been life changing for me.  I feel that I have learnt so much about my Self and that I am now so in touch with my Inner Strengths and Resources.  I have found Peace.  My Journey is only just beginning and I am Excited. 

Initially my Self-Reflection was about observing where I spend my time - in my Mind, Feelings or Body.  I quickly realised that I was spending a lot of time thinking, a lot of time overthinking.  In my Mind I was thinking about the Past and the Future, thinking about things I couldn't change, thinking about what I did and didn't like about work - just thinking, thinking, thinking.  NOW I am excited that I am able to bring myself into the NOW - to be fully Present - I am not in thinking mode, or feeling mode, I am in a neutral, relaxed position.  My Touchstone, my symbol of this Presence, is My Yellow Heart.  I have a sense that My Yellow Heart is my Soul's Home.  It is a place of Love, Light, Peace and Truth.  It is a resting place.  I feel myself totally relaxed in my Body, totally Present.  When I am sitting with my Clients I am in My Yellow Heart - totally Present, creating a Sacred Space.

When I reflect on my Coaching Business logo, and what my work is about for my Clients, I feel that I am able to experience the essence of my logo - where I am sitting in a relaxed place, in My Yellow Heart, and then from this place I will naturally bring my Yin and Yang into the Coaching Space.

I find that I am no longer wasting energy thinking about my Past or what is not within my control.  I find that I am more at Peace.  I find that I have an Inner Strength that supports me.  If I find myself going back into an old pattern of worrying or thinking, I imagine a STOP sign and with the image of My Yellow Heart, I am able to come back to the Present moment.

Or if I am drawn back to the Past, I bring in the image of boxes all packed up and come back to the NOW.  I bring in the images of the boxes if I start thinking about my Past, wasting mental energy - in this way I am able to see that these memories are in the Past, the boxes are closed and stacked away.

And if I look at my Past from a Spiritual perspective, I am able to see that all of my experiences are part of who I am and my Journey.  My Past experiences have motivated me to become a Coach and a Healer.  From this perspective, when I do turn to my Past, I feel that all my stories and life experiences are like books in a bookshelf.  As books in the bookshelf I am able to open and close them and certainly refer to the lessons to help me in my life.  My life experience also gives me an incredible sense of Compassion for my Clients.

In My Yellow Heart I feel Love and Light, I am Presence, I am in the NOW.  In this place I am able to hear the whisper of my Soul's longing and feel the rising of Spirit in my Self and my Life.

Being in Presence has been very important to me, especially with all of the ups and downs and swings and roundabouts in my life.  When I am Present, I also have a sense of Trust that all will be okay, that I have the Strength within me.

I have also loved the Opportunity For Self-Reflection to get to know my Archetypes - I have loved this Opportunity.  I have found that there is so much Power and Strength in knowing all of these Parts of me and choosing how they show up in my life and when to bring them on the Stage in my life.

I have also found, that these different Parts of me, naturally emerge when I am in my Presence, totally Present in My Yellow Heart, when I am living in the Now.

I have enjoyed Art Therapy, sketching and colouring with my crayons and pencils.  I have enjoyed walks in Nature.  I have enjoyed being a Client and working with my Coach.  I have enjoyed Meditation.  I especially loved the 'Gathering of the Whole' Meditation where I was able to be a witness and interact with my Archetypes.  I have also enjoyed reading about the different Archetypes and selecting images that resonate for me.  While I have been researching the Archetypes, I am not sitting in a place of trying to understand the theory - instead, I am really sitting into the truth of what this is for me, and with a curiosity of what is possible from this Part of my Self.

I loved getting to know my Yin and Yang and now I am loving getting to know my Archetypes which have both Yin and Yang in them.  I feel that when I am in tune with my Yin Intuition, my 'gut feel', I am able to get my Yang to speak and act for the Highest Good.  I am still learning about these Parts of me and I am enjoying getting to know My Sage, Nature Child, Innocent Child, Caretaker, Regular Gal, Wanderer, Warrior, Jester, Destroyer, Organiser, Creator, Magician, Visionary, Lover, Healer.    

My Sage
I have a strong sense of My Sage - My Wise Self.  In my 'Gathering of the Whole' Meditation I imagined meeting My Sage.  My Sage stood right next to me, the Observer part of me.  My Sage is glowing and full of Light.  I feel energised in her Presence.  My Sage tells me "I am here, I am always here".  My Sage is connected to the Love and Light of the Universe.  I am Grateful to find this Part of me to be so Resourceful and Helpful.  I draw on My Sage to Guide me.  My Intent is to draw on the Wisdom of My Sage and speak and act more often from this Part of me. 

There is the question of what is the new belief that is true for me?  Looking at the Shadow of The Sage, perhaps the belief in me was that I had to know everything, or find the answer outside of my Self - however, now I am learning that My Sage is connected to God, Inspired by Spirit and I can draw on Universal Wisdom.  From this place, I can Trust my Self, rather than searching for the answers outside of my Self.   

My Caregiver
In the last few months I have spent a lot of time in My Caregiver Archetype.  I am learning a lot about My Caregiver Part of my Self.  I naturally move into a Caregiver with my Nieces and my Parents and My Man and my Brother.  There are many positives of My Caregiver in that I am loving and caring and helpful and want to take away the pain of my Family.  In terms of images, I felt that this was My Caregiver - a traditional image of a Mother and Child.  What I am learning is that this Caregiver image can best serve me and encourage me to look after my own vulnerable child within - making sure I make Self-Care a Priority.  My Caregiver is learning to balance Self-Care with Care for others.

And in my Self-Reflection I am realising that I need to also evolve the essence of My Caregiver - moving away from coming across as the Parent of my Nieces, Brother, Parents or My Man.  And so I am Consciously shifting My Caregiver Part of me.  By being a Witness to my Self, I am learning that I need to be there for my Family and offer help and yet I need to remember the words "I am I, You are You".  With my Family, especially my Brother and my Parents I need to communicate from a place of Sacred Space and Trust my Family - not try to be the Parent.  I need to Trust that we are all on our own separate Journey and allow us each the Space to walk our Path.  I need to Consciously tune into My Sage to help me with My Caregiver Role as it can be challenging when I have Parents who are not well and I am wanting my Brother to be different in his Caregiver role - and of course this is outside my control - and I need to respect Boundaries.  In particular I believe that My Sage and My Caretaker can work together for the Greatest Good.   

I also sense that in My Caregiver Part of me I can offer the sense of holding hands with those I love and looking out in the same direction - looking at shared objectives and facing the future together.  This is one of my most challenging parts of my Journey right now - and I am Consciously trying to move away from the belief that "I need to be in the boat with you and I give my advice because I care" to "I am here for you and I respect your choices".  I feel that I can Consciously bring My Healer energy into my personal relationships to join together with My Caregiver.

When I feel drawn to work with children and communities living in poverty, I also feel a Call to My Caregiver Part of me.  I am not sure where this Call will lead me, although I know that one day I would love to visit and work with these communities.  For now, I am glad that we sponsor a little girl in Laos.  I am also committed to donate $5 every Coaching Session to Plan Australia, who is committed to helping empower children and communities to create a positive future.  I am drawn to images of Princess Diana and her charity work.

The other night I was watching a segment on ABC about the disaster in Pakistan, it breaks my heart seeing these people who have lost everything, babies are sick and families are hungry.  It is heartbreaking seeing a mother losing her baby.  We live in a world of consumerism, people wanting bigger TVs and jewellery and fancy clothes and cars and these children don't have food.   What is going on with this world?  Time to donate money.  My Man and I donated money to help bring food and relief to families in Pakistan.  I would like to do more.  There is something that is definitely resonating for me.  It was interesting when I reviewed my Family of Origin and Family Tree last year as part of my Counselling Certificate where I found that there was a Christian Missionary in my Family.  If I was younger now and not so keen to start my own Family, I would definitely be travelling to work in third world countries.  And for now I will continue to be aware and do what I can in terms of contribution.  

My Healer
I love My Healer Archetype - a Part of me that I have discovered since becoming a Coach.  In My Healer I can hold a Sacred Space with another, totally in my Presence.  I feel a Connection Heart to Heart.  When I was reading 'The Four-Fold Way' by Angeles Arrien, I loved reading about the Healer "Effective Healers from any culture are those who extend the arms of love: acknowledgement, acceptance, recognition, validation and gratitude."  One of my favourite parts of being a Coach is acknowledging my Client's Beauty and Strengths, acknowledging the Light within my Client, seeing my Client's Uniqueness and Greatness.  I ask God and the Universe that I can Love and Serve by being a Channel for Divine Energy - in my Coaching, I call on the Power of Spirit and my Angels to help me in my work as a Healer.  I feel the message of My Healer is "I Am Here to Heal with My Heart".

Similar to My Sage, it is exciting to move away from a belief that I have to know everything or have everything prepared and organised - instead, I can Trust that I am here to Serve and I can relax in the mystery and spaciousness and Trust I will be filled with Spirit.  My Healer energy also moves me away from having to be in my mind and always thinking, or self-conscious of having to get the right words, to a place of genuine, Heart to Heart Connection.

My Regular Gal
In my Regular Gal Archetype I feel that I can easily relax in this Part of me - there is no pressure to play a Role or perform, or try to fit in.  It is where I am just one of the Staff at work, or among Friends or Family.  In this Part of me I can enjoy a sense of belonging to the group, by being relaxed in my Self.  In this place I can stand in a belief that we are all the same - that we are all human, that we are not perfect, that we all have triumphs and we all have pain.  This Part of me believes that everyone is of value and deserves to be valued.  And I can hold the Paradox that we are all the same and that we all have our own Uniqueness and Greatness.  My Regular Gal, My Healer and My Sage can work together with a desire for Connection for the Highest Good.    

My Organiser
It has been great for me to Consciously bring My Organiser into the Stage of my life.  I have found that I often create clutter in my study and kitchen.  I can get enthusiastic and excited and so I bring in paperwork and my "things" and find that I don't always have places for all my "stuff".  My Man and I have moved in together and so between us we have combined our "stuff" in a combined Space - and yet this is not a reason or excuse.  I also find myself getting stuck sometimes, I organise for a while and then lose momentum.  In working with the different Parts of me I found a Sub-Personality that was almost keeping me stuck in the Past, it was the Part of me that was always searching and looking for my Path which would mean that I would continually have paperwork and moving from Project to Project.  And then My Sage comes in and guides me to see that I have found my lifework and I can therefore simplify my life and my home.  I have been working with My Organiser and I feel that there is so much potential for this Part of me to find a place for everything.  I also want to bring in My Organiser to help me with my time management and organising my Priorities - although I definitely want to ensure that there is Space for Spontaneity - just to follow my Heart and go with the flow.

I also feel that My Organiser is very hands on and physically active in getting things "done".  I definitely need to bring in the essence of both of these as I organise my study, my superannuation, my Spring clean and my garage sale - projects that are important to me.

In terms of My Organiser I feel that I am moving away from a belief of "I can't" to a new belief of "I can".  I always believed that it was my personality type that does create clutter in my home and study - now I am choosing a new belief of "I can choose to get organised and create systems, to create space and simplify".  It can be overwhelming as I have a lot to clear and organise - this is when I bring in my Sub-Personality of My Cheerleader.  My Cheerleader has been an essential part of me - encouraging and cheering me on - helping me to be motivated and focused for my Goals.

My Destroyer
I feel that My Destroyer has been fairly active in the last 2 years - cutting out of my life what is no longer working for me and no longer serving me.  I believe that the energy of My Destroyer will be important in working with My Organiser in some Spring cleaning Projects.  My Destroyer can be very Passionate, working with My Warrior and standing up for what is right and what is no longer relevant or outdated.  I also ask My Destroyer energy in, when I am looking at maintaining a healthy lifestyle, helping me cut out sugar and chocolate, where I would rather be eating healthy all the time (although not wanting the Perfectionist to rule my world).


My Lover
I have been getting to know My Lover Archetype at different levels - Love of Self, Love of My Man, Love of what I do, Love of All.  A few months ago I asked My Sage for some guidance in my relationship.  In my Meditation I could see my Future with My Man, a wonderful Future of Love and Ease and Laughter and Dreams coming true.  In the Meditation I was also shown an alternate Future, a life shared with a man from the past - in this Future, I saw myself walking through mud, being in hardship, feeling unloved and me trying to get love from him.  In this Meditation I also saw that I had stayed in that bad relationship for so long since it brought out my Lover and Goddess Archetype, which had not been Present in me for a long time.  I had been so focused on running and living the life of an athlete, and training my Body to be lean and fast, and was strict on myself, that this did not bring out the freedom and joy of being in my Goddess.  And so when I rediscovered this Part of Self, I did not want to let this go - and so I continued in a loveless relationship.  And then I cut this Part of Self off again, perhaps cutting my hair was an act of letting this go within Self.  I am now bringing this Part back in me again.

My Lover loves music and dancing and loves My Man.  My Lover is also discovering the joy of doing what I love, doing what has heart and meaning for me (a new belief) - rather than me trying to do something to attract or please others (which is where I spent years living in the Shadow of the Lover).  I love Shania Twain's music and she reminds me of My Lover Part of me.  In my 'Gathering of the Whole' Meditation, My Lover states "I Am Free, I Am Love".  Yes, I love the idea of freedom.  I definitely felt My Lover emerge when in a moment we decided to go skinny dipping late one night - I felt so free and it was wonderful to just embrace the moment.

And My Lover definitely loves turning off the tv, putting on music and dancing in the living area - life is to be enjoyed, moment to moment.  I am enjoying My Lover being present in my life, this is an energetic and enthusiastic part of me.

My Warrior
I look at the Exceptions, when I have been in My Warrior energy.  One of the recent examples was last year when I stood up for my Self and ended a relationship that was no longer serving me.  I remember feeling so in my Power, feeling so empowered.  There was also another time, when I met with a doctor recently to talk about my Coaching Business, and I also felt in My Warrior - communicating with Passion about my Coaching Business. When I am in My Warrior I feel that I communicate with Clarity and Strength.  I still have more to learn about My Warrior and yet I believe this energy and Part of me is an excellent Resource for my Journey.

I love reading about the Warrior Archetype in 'The Four-Fold Way' by Angeles Arrien and would like to build and strengthen and access the Universal Powers of "Power of Presence, Power of Communication and Power of Position".  I feel Excited that I am now very Present in the NOW.  In terms of Power of Communication, this is an area that I would like to develop further in my life - "Skillful communication means we have aligned content, timing and context".  "Communication that empowers and inspires us is communication that is delivered at the appropriate time and place for the person involved to hear and receive it."  I would like to communicate with more clarity and be succinct, fewer words and making every word count.  It's funny I have always thought that I was an Extravert and yet now I feel that I am enjoying a more inner, Introvert world - where I am feeling less need for words and I am enjoying more silence.  I find that this is allowing My Warrior to emerge when there are important words to be shared with another.  In terms of Power of Position, "The Warrior demonstrates the willingness to take a stand.  This is the capacity to let others know where we stand, where we don't stand, what we stand for, and how we stand up for ourselves." 

I am still working with this Archetype, wanting to be conscious of not bringing in a Shadow part that may speak from a place of anger or that may challenge another and creates conflict - especially with my Brother or in a difficult work situation.  Instead in My Warrior, I want to be able to be assertive and calm in clearly expressing my Truth and allowing others to respond with their Truth.  

My Nature Child
I love that My Nature Child Part of me is out in the Light.  I have been enjoying this Part of me all year.  My Nature Child just loves being out in Nature - I love Walking in the morning, being outdoors, feeling the breeze, listening to the Birds singing, loving the beauty of the flowers, enjoying Connection with Trees.  In my 'Gathering of the Whole' Mediation, when this Part of me comes forth, I notice a quietness and I have a sense that this Part of me has a strong Connection with all.  My Nature Child loves to come out everyday - the problem is, once My Nature Child is out in the world, My Nature Child does not want to go to work in an office.

My new belief in terms of Nature is that I am in Connection with all, and being in Nature is so important to my well-being, it is not just something that I want to do sometimes - being in Nature daily is vital to me.  I am also learning that as I say to God "I am here to serve you today, show me the way", that I am definitely being asked to step up, to show that I am true and authentic.  Just last week, as I am starting out for my Nature walk, very excited that I had an hour to enjoy the outdoors, I see a possum being attacked by a crow.  There were some workers from the school next door and we thought the possum might be dead.  Automatically I went into "save the possum" mode and we worked together as a team to get the possum safely in a box, and ensured the possum was taken to a local vet.  I realised that I never quite know where I will be called to service, and I was glad that it came naturally for me, to help rescue the possum.

My Wanderer
I am enjoying My Wanderer Part of me.  I feel My Wanderer is closely aligned with My Nature Child, enjoying a sense of wonder and freedom.  I love going for my Nature walks in the morning and My Wanderer would be happy to explore all day long.  I have a sense of setting off into the world, like a backpacker on a Journey.

And as I am in the NOW of my Journey I feel that there is so much joy, as if I am in a field of Sunflowers.

In My Wanderer I have a sense that I am on this Journey to discover my own individuality.  I am no longer the Executive or Manager working in a Corporate office.  I am here to live my Purpose to Spread The Yellow.  I am here to Connect Heart to Heart through my Coaching.  I am inviting My Wanderer more into my life where I can trust my Yin, my Intuition and allow my Yang ACTION to take me forward as I express my Individuality and Uniqueness, and help others to also connect to their own Light and Greatness.  I love this image of the Sunflower in the Field of Lavender which captures the essence of my Journey to stand in the sunlight and SHINE as ME.

I am changing my belief, where I would normally need to have the entire plan worked out.  I now have a sense that I need to relax and REALLY enjoy My Wanderer more often, allow my Self to enjoy the freedom, where I am no longer restricted by a corporate career and I CAN just relax more, walk more, be in My Wanderer more and just listen for the whispers of my Soul.  I can celebrate that I have the opportunity to be in My Wanderer.  When I find my Self going into an old pattern of busy, busy, busy, work, work, work, plan, plan, plan - I bring in the opportunity for more space in my day and my life - to allow my Self to be in My Wanderer.  The Shadow of this Part of me also believes that I have to keep searching, searching, searching, looking, looking, looking - and yet in the true essence of My Wanderer, I can just enjoy each day and Trust that as I follow my Intuition, this will lead to the Greatest Good for my Self and all.

I know that My Wanderer, My Visionary, My Creator and My Magician can all work together.

My Visionary
When I am out Walking, when I am not caught up in my thinking, I am conscious of allowing Space for My Visionary.  A long time ago I possibly believed that I had to think about my Future and think up ideas - now I believe that Vision is not of the mind, that it is of Spirit.  Just the other day, when I was out Walking, I had a Vision, the same Vision I have had a few times.  It is a Vision that feels so real, where I am lighting candles, one-by-one, and then those people go and light other candles, and then those people go and light candles, and so many people enjoy Light.  I look back on my very first Art Therapy from the first year of my Coaching Course and this is the image that I also created on paper.  In January this year, in a Meditation, I also had a Vision of me being in a Village, living and working among the community, where I am handing out Yellow pieces of paper.  I was also Gifted with the words 'Spread The Yellow' and I have a knowing that this is definitely my Purpose.  I feel My Visionary Archetype is around me and I would like to be more in touch with her Inspiration.  Most important is to get My Visionary working with My Creator, My Organiser and My Magician.

My Creator
In my Self-Reflection, I am realising that I would like My Creator to be more active in my life.  I feel that My Creator is the key to putting my Dreams into ACTION.  The essence of My Creator is colour, energy, enthusiasm, Light and bright and active.  My Creator is flowing and graceful. 

In my Coaching I am here to help my Clients Create A New Story for their lives.  And so it is important for me that I am active in Creating My Own Story.  I feel that I have the Power within me to write my own Story, not just journaling about the Past or Present - but putting my Vision and Goals down on paper.  I want to write an Exciting Story and make this come true for me.

As well as painting the picture, My Creator is also active in putting all of the pieces together to Create the extraordinary artwork of my life, and bring projects alive.

I recently felt My Creator in action when I designed a competition for my Coaching Business, which has been wonderful in connecting with new Clients.  I followed my Yin Intuition and my Yang made it happen.  In My Creator I definitely want to be maximising the Power of my Yin and Yang to bring my Ideal Life into reality.  Every morning I look at my Vision Board that I have Created and yet I also know that I have to take ACTION and allow My Creator to be active in my life.  In My Creator Archetype I believe that ALL IS POSSIBLE!!!  I have the Power to make my Dreams come true!

My Magician
In my 'Gathering of the Whole' Meditation I am moved to go down a flight of stairs, where I enter a deeper Meditation and through the forest I can see a Light.

I have a sense of My Magician - this is another Part of me that I am inviting to play a bigger part in my life.  I have a sense of my Magician sending out Yellow bubbles of my Dreams and Intent and trusting that these will Manifest for me.  I feel that My Magician is the Part that can become more active in my life - where I am able to activate the power of the 'Law Of Attraction', where I can clarify what I want, and I can send this wish out to the Universe, asking for God and my Angels to help me.

I was very touched recently when a Friend of mine called me 'Magic Girl' and referred a Client to me for Coaching and said that I bring Magic into people's lives.  Hearing these words made my heart sing.  I definitely want to be more in my Magic.

I am enjoying reading 'Everyday Grace' by Marianne Williamson and I am Inspired by her words "Each of us carries, in the depths of our consciousness, a boxful of mystical tools.  And central to our tool kit is the magic wand.  A wand is not just stillness from children's literature.  Fairy tales are rife with Archetypal truths that teach not only children, but open-minded adults as well, deep and fundamental truths about the nature of our reality.  A wand is a medium of power, not just for wizards, but also for you and me.  A wand is essentially a principle, an intention, a focused thought.  When focused thought is negative, it creates ill.  And when focused thought is loving and enlightened, it creates miraculous breakthroughs."

My Jester
My Jester Part of me loves to laugh and have fun.  My Jester likes to play, make jokes and be funny.  I feel My Jester come out at work and at home, living in the moment and lightening the mood for Family, Friends and colleagues.  My Jester loves shaking things up and seeing everyone laughing.

I welcome in My Jester to be more Present in my life.  I love that Humor is one of the Coaching Competencies and I am really Excited that my Jester has just started coming forth in my Coaching, very naturally, and creating lightness and brightness during a Session.  

My Innocent Child
Today in Meditation I found the energy of My Child - the Innocent part of me.  I have read that the Innocent Archetype is a Call for the "desire for purity, goodness and simplicity".  As I bring in all My Archetypes I definitely don't want to lose a sense of My Innocence.

I sometimes feel that there is so much to do and so many books to read and so much to do and so many books to read.  And then I stop and remember that all of the answers are inside me, that I can just Trust my Self.  And then this sounds all so serious - and so I remember to lighten up, be less serious, be playful and have fun.  My Innocent Child takes away the Part of me that makes life complicated - and gets me back to simplicity.  In the past My Innocent Child may have walked alone - now My Innocent has the backing and protection of all of the other Archetypes - where I am realising to walk only in one Archetype does not serve me or others.

I have learnt that each Archetype has a way of being, a posture, a way of moving.  I am also conscious that each Archetype has a Shadow Sub-Personality with beliefs that do not serve.  Some of my Archetypes have come out of the Shadow and into the Light, and in the Light they have a different way of being, with Empowering  beliefs.  When they are in the Light I can choose the way they "show up" for me.  Now that all of these Parts of me are in the Light, I am wanting them to work together as a Team and help me live a life of Love, Light, Peace, Truth, Service.  Every morning I look at my Vision Board and I believe that the Strength and Teamwork of my Archetypes is the key to my Present and my Future.  

This experience has been so beneficial to me.  It has been so wonderful in helping me learn about the depth of our Being, the Energy and Power that is within us all - that can help us to be Empowered in our lives.  I know I have so many Choices in terms of my Internal Focus for Change - I can choose and design my inner experiences and my life.  I have found my Strengths and Resources.  I can choose what Archetypes to bring on the Stage in my life and I especially love that My Archetypes naturally emerge when I am in my Presence of Love and Light.  I have found my Self.  I feel Excited and Inspired. 

I will continue to enjoy the Opportunity For Self-Reflection on a daily basis, to be a Witness to my Self, as I commit myself to living a life of Love and Service in my Professional and Personal Life.


I am VERY Excited that I can now help my Clients at a deeper level - I can help them get in touch with their own Archetypes, accessing their own Lifetools to Serve them on their own Journeys and bring their own Dreams into reality.   I am especially Excited about helping Clients access their Sage, learning to access and Trust their own Inner Knowing.  And I love helping my Clients get in touch with their own Creator, allowing them to see their own potential to Create A New Story for their lives.  And of course I see that my own experience with My Caregiver, and the huge lessons that I am learning, will allow me to be empathetic and understanding of my Clients and also helpful in looking at the possibilities and opportunities for change.  And as I bring in My Magician more and more in my own life, I am hoping this will increase my own confidence in helping activate this Archetype in others. 

I have been busy putting together my Toolbox with all of my Coaching Tools, and there are so many Coaching Tools available on so many different areas.  Although, I enjoy having all of these Resources available for my Clients, I definitely have a sense that the greatest Resource for me as a Coach is being in My Presence, being in My Yellow Heart and feeling a Heart to Heart Connection with my Clients.  And from this  Sacred Space of Love and Light, I Trust that My Archetypes (My Inner Toolbox) will naturally emerge in my Role as a Coach.

As a Coach I am Honoured and Passionate about helping my Clients Love Self and Love Life.

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