Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mustard Relish Hot Dog Clip Art

Today we bring you another entry in the hot dog clip art series. This one is a mustard and relish hot dog clipart image. I have never been a big fan of relish so the image doesn't look particularly appetizing to me, but I know there are lots of people out there that love it so maybe they'll enjoy the image more!

In any case I can appreciate the design and artistry that when into creating it.

Mustard relish hot dog clip art

Friday, July 30, 2010

Not My Father's Blog

At a backyard barbeque I was introduced to a nervous lady this way.

"Here, if anyone can cure your blogger's block, this is the guy."

She was the typical failed blogger. One post six months ago announcing her intention to fill her generic blog with wit, humor and deep insight into the condition of humankind. One borderline interesting, if rambling post the next day. A follow-up post a week later confessing to be too busy to blog. An additional post in each of the next two months further lamenting her lack of time and suggesting that the local city council may be a nest of communists or perhaps closet anarchists -- details to follow. Eventually she delivered the stereotypical blog apology to her massive audience of one. She is shrouded in guilt for not writing and has exactly nothing to write about, save not writing.

I put on my best shrink demeanor and gave her my absolute top of the line advice:

"Don't write, don't blog, don't even open the site. Don't even think about blogging, not for one single moment."

The point is that blogging should not be about pressure. Blog writing is the furthest activity from a 'to do' list that humanoids have ever invented. If you have something to write, I told her, it will arrive fully formed and it will simply flow thru the keyboard and disgorge your wisdom to the multiverse.

She looked at me like I had made some graphic observation about her alimentary canal. Apparently she is one of those people who believe since everyone knows how to write, then it follows that everyone is a writer. I restrained an avuncular "Bite Me!" and moved on to the next gaggle of cocktail drinkers as the first round of braised cow rose from the grill.

Another guest had overheard the blog conversation and told me that not only was the reluctant blogger uptight about just about everything on the planet but her 82 yr. old father was an avid bird watcher and faithfully maintains a birders blog, which he updates several times a week. Aha! Paternal blog envy, got it.

As I drifted past the potato salad and ambrosia I wonder what my father's blog might have looked like. Reminiscences certainly would have brought up the Great Depression and later his service as a junior naval officer in the pacific during WWII. Nearly 30 years in the Dexter Pharmacy would have made for some interesting personality profiles, I know the pharmacy is still the set & setting in some of my dreams.

Politics! Now that would have been fun. We could have written dueling blogs in the late 60s and early 70s. We never saw eye to eye on anything political, but fleshing out our differences in writing would have been an interesting experience.

Late in the party the aforementioned birding father arrived home, until that time I was unaware the nervous non-blogger was also our hostess. Bird dad and I were introduced and we exchanged some thoughts on blogging, widgets and other blogger ephemera. We exchanged URLs and then he said:

"If you mention me in your blog......"

I completed his thought . . . "don't link you up."

"Exactly" he smiled.

Some bloggers like an audience. Others write for a small select group of followers, in Jack's case his birding group. Me?  I like an audience. Agree with me or disagree loudly please, but Read Me! Read Me!

p.s. for the poker boyz -- the plant's name was Audrey II not Seymour.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One More Bit of Vegas Detritus

I am not a fan of slot machines. I will and do play some video poker when I am in Las Vegas but mostly while waiting for my poker playing friends to finish a tournament I have already busted from. However, my poker buddies have different attitudes towards the one arm bandits (none of which have arms anymore). They played a lot of Texas Tea slots, something about getting a lot of derricks and then a bonus round with a map of the Lone Star place. I sat in for Mike once and learned about all I needed to know.

But leave it to the evil temptress Amy to lead me away from the path of machine-less vacation. She introduced me to I Dream of Jeannie slots. You put in your money and Barbara Eden purrs -- "Hello Master". Yep, they got the real Jeannie to do the voice-overs and she hooks you (you being either male or a bi-sexual female). Next you spin the wheels and when a Magic Bottle (you know the one Jeannie lives in) pops up she says -- Yes! and second bottle and her voice goes up and gets faster -- Yes!! if you get the third bottle in a row, she practically comes in your lap -- YES!!!

You get a bonus pull for that third yes, but it is complete anti-climax or perhaps post-climax.

One of our buddies had not been introduced to Jeannie on our last night in town, so we sought out the bank of six machines at the Monte Carlo. Remember "The Game" from Star Trek TNG?

Anyway, when we got to the machines they were all occupied by women. I was going to do a quick anthropological survey of why only women were pulling on Barbara Eden's veil, but two side-by-side machines hit the Yes! Yes!! YES!!! bous and I had to go to my room to be alone.

That's it from the Las Vegas trip, we now return to our regular programming.

New Way Of Being

I just love Wattle Trees.  Today when I was getting out of my car, just about to rush out in the rain, I noticed a beautiful Wattle Tree bush next to my car - and for a few seconds, my Soul felt alive, soaking in the beauty of the Yellow Wattle Tree.  And everyone knows how much I LOVE Yellow.

I am Consciously shifting to a New Way Of Being.  In My New Way Of Being I am Totally Present and more in my Body.  In my Other Way Of Being I can get stuck in Thinking or Overthinking or in the Shadow of Worrying, or be swept away with my Feelings.  In this New Way Of Being I notice the Yellow Wattle Trees and I love to hear the Kookaburras singing.  Very important to me is spending time in Nature and enjoying smelling the roses (literally).

I love that I am a Transformational Life Coach and I am very Passionate about working with my Clients when they are working at embracing a New Way Of Being, discovering and exploring their Inner Journeys.  And I am Passionate about my own Journey.  For me my New Way Of Being is about being "Present and Warm To What Is", it is about being Real and Authentic, it is about Being in the Now.

In this New Way Of Being I am Totally Present in my Relationships, I am not in a rush or having to be somewhere else, I enjoy the Present Moment.  I am Grateful for my Man and my Family.  The image of this New Way Of Being for me is My Yellow Heart – where I am relaxed and at Peace and there is purity in my Love and Connection for all.  In this New Way Of Being there is Joy and Happiness and Gratitude for Beauty and Simplicity.

In this New Way Of Being where I am Totally Present and in tune with my Body, I am able to decide my ACTION.  Both of my Parents are not well at the moment and I today I felt a sense of being uncomfortable in my Body.  My Mum said that they were okay and that I should just be at work today, and yet it was an easy decision to talk to my Manager and advise him that I needed to leave within the next few hours.  My Values came into this decision today, an easy decision for me, where Family and Love are my biggest Priorities.  I am just so happy that my lifestyle and my work allow me the flexibility, where I can leave work to look after my Mum and Dad.  I knew that I needed to see my Mum and Dad and once I was with them, at their Home, that still feels Home to me, I felt relaxed and calm and Grounded in my Body. 

Rather than worrying about what may or may not happen, which is my Other Way Of Being, I am able to rest and relax now that I am at Home, knowing that I have been Present to my Mum and Dad.

Of course, I sometimes need reminders to keep me on track in this New Way Of Being, to bring me back to being Present in the Now. Sometimes I remind myself when I catch myself worrying about what I cannot control - I say "Stop" and this moves me out of my Thinking and back to the Present.   Other times, like this afternoon, when I was driving Home from my Parents, I was lost in Thinking about my Brother and what I wish could be different, and then I see a car number plate, I feel it is a message from the Universe for me - "I AM I".  This reminds me of my Counselling Courses where we are trained to recognise that "I Am I... You Are You", and from this place I bring myself back to the Present Moment and not take on all the worry and responsibility.

 This can be challenging when it involves the people that I love.  Today I feel myself stepping into my Caregiver Archetype, which comes naturally for me. 

And yet the Shadow of this can be when I go into worry.  My Man is also sick, and it would be easy for me to create all of these possible scenarios about what this means and the fear of test results, and yet my worry will not serve us - instead I can be in the Present and approach day by day.

Being Present in the Now for me is about letting go of my Past.  I love the quote that hangs in our living area "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a Gift."  Stories from my Past often come up for me - when I was married, my divorce, other relationships from my Past, jobs and careers from my Past,  when I was a Manager, when I was a runner.  And the Past can be great in terms of leading us to where we are Now and lessons that help us on our path - for me, my failed marriage and deep dark depression and then my career in working as a Manager has led me to become a Coach – and this is my Lifework and I love that I now have my Coaching Business. 

And the Past can also be wonderful as a source of reflection where we are able to tune into times when we felt alive in our career or in our hobbies as indicators of our Passion and Purpose.  I have recently remembered how much I loved sewing and making clothes, and I am very Excited by the opportunity to start sewing again where I have been loving just walking through Lincraft and I feel my Soul alive when I see all of the beautiful material.  My Creator Archetype is all ready to start creating and yet I know that I need to bring in my Organiser Archetype and Destroyer Archetype to clear clutter and find space to bring this new hobby back into life.  I have a strong sense of my Organiser Archetype which shows up a lot more when I am in my New Way Of Being as I let my Body and Intuition guide me - where I have a sense that I need to Organise at Home or get moving on some "to do" list items for my Coaching Business or Colllege.

I am also gaining a sense of My Creator Archetype, where the other night I enjoyed making Cards to use as a Resource for Coaching Children.  I loved sourcing images and cutting and laminating the set of Cards.  I was Totally Present and in the Moment and loved being in Creation.  I am very Excited about bringing my Creator Archetype more on the stage in my life through sewing, photography, cooking, art.  I am looking forward to my Yin and Yang working together – tuning into my Intuition to be Inspired and then enjoying the process of Creation. 

From my Past, I also have such a love of Running and I often remember how much I love and miss Running.  I always notice runners when they run past me and when I hear my friends talk about Running, I always wish that I was also out there Running.  And yet for me I am choosing not to run right now where I am choosing to enjoy Walking while my body becomes stronger, since my main priority is to have a Baby within the next 12 months, this is my greatest desire.   When I am asked the question, the same question I use on my Coaching Flyer - Ask yourself from the heart, if I could be, do or have absolutely anything, I would  definitely ___________be a Mum.  As I tune into my Body and I am just Present in my day to day life, I am always drawn to the stories of Mums and love seeing and being around Babies and Children.  I am ready to be a Mum.  Every part of me feels this Call.

For me I feel that I am Creating a New Story – there is a New Book beginning for me.  While I Value my Past, where there are many Books and Chapters and so many wonderful life experiences and lessons, I have started a New Book.  The other Books are on the Bookshelf and I am closing these Books now, no need to tell stories from my Past or worry about my Past.  NOW, I can just be Present in my New Story.  And when I am Totally Present, I am also not caught up thinking about the Future, worrying about the Future - I can enjoy the NOW.  I can still dream about the Future and have Goals, and I can be unattached to the outcome and enjoy every day, the Gift of each day.
In my New Way Of Being I am in the flow, there is space for spontaneity and adventure.  I do not know what tomorrow will bring and yet I feel that when I am Grounded and Centred in my Body and Totally Present, I can feel into my Intuition.  I also have all of my Strengths and Resources of my Archetypes.  The key for me in this New Way Of Being is to press the Pause Button when needed, just Pause and Breathe Deeply and ask for Guidance from my Sage Archetype, who I believe is Inspired by God and supported by the Love and Light of the Universe and my Angels.  I am Loved.  I am Love.

And in Love I can Spread The Yellow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Because

I just wanted to post this photo because well its my blog and I can. Got back to Berkeley late on Saturday after eight days with the boyz in Las Vegas. Once again another great trip, despite the continuing slowdown in Vegas and the missing Zippy.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

eLetters to Friends

On the long drive back from Las Vegas yesterday I was pondering something I had not said to one of my poker buddies. We travel in a poker gaggle while in Vegas and I don't always get enough one-on-one time with my friends because I tend to treasure sleep over late night video poker sessions. Definitely my loss.

I was composing my thoughts to this friend, after all that's what long drives are for; when I heard a tribute to Daniel Schorr on NPR. Apparently Schorr was a proponent of letters. He wrote rather than called and definitely wrote letters over email. I pondered sending a letter. How long has it been since I mailed one of those? I know there are envelopes in the apartment left over from the big emptying. I also know I have stamps, even though they are denomination-less and I don't know if they are currently sufficient to carry a letter to its destination. A lot of fuss when email is so immediate. Does anyone still put (long) in the subject space to warn of thoughts requiring more than a nanosecond of consideration?

When my own thoughts returned to mentally composing my letter I was surprised to discover I had switched friends. Apparently I had more than one billet to turn out, long stretches of desert will do that to your focus. Are there even more languishing communications I wondered? Lo and behold just a few miles of sandy rumination produced a list of nearly ten epistles that needed attention. By this morning the roll had reached a dozen.

So, this week I will be sending eLetters to a baker's dozen or so of my friends, be warned in advance (long). I would take this moment to suggest to all of my readers that you too have thoughts unsaid, words unspoken, feelings unexpressed. Friendships deepen with shared expressions. Depth is never something to avoid, at least not in the world this blog inhabits.

Body, Thinking, Feeling

Body, Thinking, Feeling - I have been considering all of these Aspects within myself.  The Process for me has involved an Evening Review for the last two weeks.  As offered by my Teacher and Mentor, Self-Reflection is very important -"supporting you to become wholly integral and ethical practitioners".

Once I started looking at these Aspects within myself, it became obvious that I was spending most of my time in my Thinking, in my Head.  It was a surprise to me to see how much energy I can waste in being in the Shadow of Overthinker or worrying.  And I am very Conscious of not wanting to waste my energy.  This is the time for me to get rid of those energy leaks and direct my energy to achieve my Goals and have Space for relaxation and to be in the flow.

The valuable qualities of my Thinking is that it does definitely help me at work.  I realise that I have been wasting energy worrying about work and Overthinking if I am in the right job, and yet when I just direct my Thinking to focus on my work and give my best to each Project, I enjoy my day and exceed my Targets.  

By being an Observer to myself, I am able to witness myself when I go into Overthinking.  To help create change, I am using the word of STOP, which helps me STOP being in my Head - and then I bring myself back to my Body through focusing on my breathe, breathing fully and deeply.

I wonder about my Belief or Assumption that I have been carrying for a long time, possibly all my life.  I am not exactly sure - and yet perhaps it has something to do with our Society of rewarding Thinking.  I also believe that I have grown up trying to make the most of my time, where if I was driving or walking, this has been an opportunity to Think.  

Since training to become a Coach I have enjoyed Meditation and the opportunity to be Present and be in my Body, just being a witness to Thoughts and Feelings, almost as if they are just clouds floating past and I am just sitting in my Body, unattached - and this is when I experience Peace.

I feel that my Logo helps give a Visual to the new way of Being that I am embracing in my life.

In this Logo, My Yellow Heart is my Soul's Home - this is where I am Present.  For me My Yellow Heart represents being in my Body.  I love just being in my Body, just sitting in Presence - I am relaxed, I am breathing deeply, I am not Thinking or Feeling - I JUST AM.  When I am sitting with my Coaching Clients I feel totally in my Body, I am totally Present.  When I am in my Body, I can hold a Sacred Space for my Clients.  I feel Grounded, Centred and Present.  

I love being totally Present when I am with my Nieces.  Today I spent time with them in the playground and it is beautiful to just be Present with them and enjoy every beautiful moment.  Last night I was also babysitting my Friend's little one - she is an angel - she is 7 months old.  I felt totally Present and in my Body and by being in this place I did not feel upset when my Friend's Baby was crying.  I was just Present and loved being the babysitter.  I especially loved rocking the Baby to sleep, her little body cuddled into me and me singing to her to help her sleep.  I love spending time with babies and children and I can't wait until we have own Baby.   Today I have started a new Vision Board and for me it is quite simple - having my own Baby is my greatest wish.  And I am so Grateful that I have learnt to be in my Body rather than being busy or distracted in Thinking or Feeling.

I feel that by being in my Body, I am then able to make Choices - from my Body, I may be moved into Thinking or into Feeling.  In my Business Logo, my Thinking is represented by my Yang, the left-side of the brain, my Masculine part of me and my Feeling is representing on the right-side of the brain, my Yin, my Feminine. 

I really like these quotes -
- "Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies . . . our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside."  Deepak Chopra
- "The body always leads us home . . . if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight, or feeling."  Pat Ogden
- "In our bodies, in this moment, there live the seed impulses of the change and spiritual growth we seek, and to awaken them we must bring our awareness into the body, into the here and now."  Pat Ogden
- "Our own body is the best health system we have--if we know how to listen to it."  Christiane Northrup

It is interesting, I have been getting lunch from a cafe for the last few months and very often I am caught in a rush and am still in my Thinking mode.  By Consciously bringing myself into my Body, and feeling relaxed when I arrived at the cafe the other day, I was then surprised to feel a sense of stress within my Body - I then realised that this experience of rushing to get a sandwich, rushing back, rushing to eat my sandwich was far from relaxing and while I was waiting for my sandwich to be made I felt so stressed seeing that my vegetarian sandwich was being made with chicken filled tongs.  Even after requesting clean tongs my Body sensed the stress of this situation.  Yes, this sandwich had appeared such good value to me and then I realised that this is not being made with love and is causing me stress.  Time to bring in my Organiser and start taking my lunch to work.

By being in my Body, I can also be Present to what is real for me.  And rather than moving into my Thinking, I have been able to sit in my Feelings.  I am not sure what I have done in the past - perhaps in my positive, energetic, enthusiastic, half full attitude, I may move away from the depth of my Feelings.  And yet now I have been able to be Present to my Emotions, to be Present to what is real for me.  The other day I enjoyed a Meditation and was able to get in touch with anger from my past and then an email from a Friend from my past brought up Emotions of rejection and pain.  And there were tears and tears.  And I was okay.  By being with my Emotions I was able to release rather than store the pain - the next day the Emotional charge was no longer Present.

By being in my Body - I feel My Yellow Heart is so open and so often I am just watching a television show or a movie or I hear a story and I feel emotional, my eyes well up in tears.  From this place I have so much empathy for others.  From this place I have such a strong love of others.  I am in Connection. 

I thought that there was only two options, that I was either in my Head or my Heart, my Thinking or my Feeling.  And now I have learnt to just relax into my Body and let my Body be my guide.

I am also loving that I am now doing Yoga which is helping me become more aware of my Body and I am feeling a greater strength in my Body.  As I become stronger in my Body and more in touch with my Body, I am also more Conscious of checking in with my Body Felt Sense. 

In my new way of Being, I wish to be in my Body and use my Gifts of Thinking and Feeling to assist me on my Journey.  Being an Observer to myself, to my Body, Thinking, Feeling and spending time in Self-Reflection will continue to be important to me.  Meditation and Focusing will also help me, and when I do make time for these important Activities, I love the sense of being Present and in my Body.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Favourite Painting

This is by an artist whose work I like very much, Shane Cotton.  It is called View, and was painted in 1995.

Black and White Hot Dog Clip Art

Last time I brought you the most simple hot dog clip art image I could find, since we can build up from there and check out progressively more interesting images. But today's images are black and white hot dog clip art. These are great because you can color them anyway you want and make them uniquely yours.

Hot dogs don't look quite so appetizing when they're totally lacking color, do they?

black and white hot dog clipart
black and white no color hot dog clip art image

Friday, July 23, 2010

Vespertine Viewing

No I did not take that picture and no I am not doing acid again. But after nearly two weeks of evening fog cover, I finally got several nighttime looks at the moon with my new big eyes. I decided I needed some geographical assistance to know what I am looking at. So I turned to NASA. Twas very kind of NASA to provide a paint-by-the-numbers guide to the lunar surface. The multi-hued photo was actually taken in 1992 by the Galileo spacecraft.

As more planets and phases of the moon drift through the western skies beyond the San Francisco peninsula I will gaze on and share with you more of the view from my perch. For now, the image below is what I saw on the first clear night.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Walk in the Neighborhood

I was out for a walk in the neighborhood the other day, not on my way to the library or Mettina for lunch, just a walk. I heard the raised voices about a block away -- a couple arguing. The tones sounded young, not unlikely living as close as I do to the university. Another eruption -- voices of vituperation, but I would be beyond their vortex in about a minute and out of earshot in one or two more. They were really no more annoying than the diesel belching recycling trucks.

Then she shot out the front door, down the steps, trailing a string of accusations. She whirled on the sidewalk and stared back at the house. He swung open they screen door and hurled a one word invective. "Bitch!"

The word must have stung, she backed across the sidewalk to the grassy apron before the street. I was only thirty feet from her and now I would be walking between the young combatants. Clearly it was just a lover's spat, no firearms, probably no real offense; but I was either going to awkwardly detour around her into the street or just walk on directly through the demilitarized zone. 

I walk straight through, only three feet from her. I felt the tension but no hate, nothing real just a lover's quarrel, they would be back in the same bed tonight or sooner. She sat down on the strip of apron grass as I passed and I heard her tears begin. A few steps later I was about to cross the property line and be officially beyond the tableau, when I sensed a question. I slowed but did not stop and turned to the young man on the porch. Certainly he could have spit out a "what are you looking at" but he quietly said: "What would you do?"

I pointed at the porch, "I'd sit down on the steps and breathe a bit."

As he folded his lanky body down, my walk continued through the neighborhood and I wondered why those recycling trucks were not converted to solar.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Being With My Emotions

After being at College all weekend with so much to learn, I have definitely been feeling a sense of overwhelm, so many Activities and Processes to learn so that they can aid us in working with our Coaching Clients.  

I was happy to complete all of the Activities that applied to my Physical Environment, and then in completing the Activities, this automatically led to new Awareness and then comes the work - more work.  And yet I also have a knowing that I do not need to put pressure on myself.  I can feel into my Intuition and I have a sense of the Areas in my life that need my attention.  I also have a sense that I want to exercise Exceptional Self-Care and focus on the basics - eating well, sleeping, relaxing.  

When looking at my Wheel Of Life, I rated my Health at a very low 2, and I am now taking Steps each day to help me in this Area in my life.  In particular, I am loving Yoga - very much loving Yoga - I am so Excited that I have finally started a regular class - it is wonderful - I am feeling less pain in my neck and back and definitely stronger in my body. 

I have also been enjoying Walking in Nature - I love getting out in the morning before I go to work.  I love walking in Gunnamatta Park - just being in the stillness.  I enjoy the time in Solitude.

Day 2 of our Course looked at our Emotional Level of Living and we talked about Needs.  For me time in Nature and Solitude are very important to me.  As explained by my Teacher, when our Needs are met, we are at our best.  For me, Walking in Nature is a positive way to start my day.  I love when I see Kookaburras - I love Birds and these are my favourite - bringing back childhood memories of holidays with my Family - and I just love the laughter of the Kookaburras.  I also love the Trees in the Park. 

I do miss my Running and yet it has definitely given rise to my new love of Walking in Nature and has renewed my love of Nature.  I remember at College a few months ago we talked about the new label of Nature Deficit Disorder - I use Google and look this up "a term coined by Richard Louv in his 2005 book 'Last Child in the Woods', refers to the alleged trend that children are spending less time outdoors, resulting in a wide range of behavioural problems" - interesting.  I remember at College we joked that a pill would probably be prescribed for this disorder.  Spending time in Nature in Solitude, and also Walking with my Man, is so important to me, and it will definitely be a Priority when we raise children.

On my morning walks I have been collecting rocks for my own Medicine Wheel.  On the weekend we created a Medicine Wheel and it was so beautiful and had so much meaning.  It has Inspired me to create my own Medicine Wheel.  I have collected 4 rocks for the main stones of North, South, East and West and I have 56 smaller rocks to collect - I am in no rush - I am just trusting the Gifts of Nature, as to what feels right for me to collect.  I am looking forward to displaying my Medicine Wheel in my Coaching Space from these rocks that I am collecting - especially with a knowing that they carry the energy of my favourite places in Nature.

As I refer back to my notes I see that one of the objectives of our learnings is to be able to connect in more fully with our emotional world.  Last night I experienced this first hand, Being With My Emotions.  I was contacted by someone from my past and it brought up a whole world of Emotions.  It took me back to a time seven years ago - a time that was filled with sadness and stress.  And as I sat in these Emotions, not being scared or overpowered by them, so many memories were triggered for me.  My Man was lovely and asked me what he could do to help me feel better, asking if I wanted to watch one of our favourite shows.  I just cried and said that Being With My Emotions was what I needed to do, rather than trying to move away from them.  And so I cried.  And I sat in Meditation, witnessing memory by memory, sad memories by sad memories, coming up for me.  It was like watching a movie of my life - seeing all of these scenes from times that I had been rejected.  And I just sat in the pain of the rejection.  The pressure on my neck was intense, as if the wounds of these unhealed Emotions were buried in my body.  And I just kept crying.  I went to bed early, crying, with my Man lying close by and giving me the Space to just be.  

I have been very conscious of wanting to heal any unresolved emotions, where I have a feeling that my back and neck pain stem from my past and from not processing my Emotions.  The other day I experienced the opportunity to deal with some unresolved anger through listening to a Louise Hay Meditation.  This Meditation was a good chance for me to look at unresolved feelings.  I initiated this Process and I actually thought that the Process helped.  Obviously the Universe and Spirit and God knew that I was strong enough to uncover another layer, where I needed to sit in the Pain of my past and just allow myself this chance of Being With My Emotions.  And now one day later, there is no longer the Emotional charge associated with these memories.  

I am learning that it is so important to be real and be with Emotions - that this is the path of healing.  It makes sense.  I look back on an old relationship break up, a long time ago now, 10 years ago, and I remembered being so upset.  I remember crying and crying and expressing my upset, crying while I cooked dinner, crying with Friends and Family.  And I remember being expressing my anger and heartbreak.  And then the crying stopped and day by day my heart began to heal.  And there was no longer an Emotional charge - I had allowed the time to Process my Emotions.

As I end my Blog tonight I would like to include a quote that was emailed to me this morning - this quote makes so much sense for me -
"Other people’s opinion of you will only affect you when you don’t have a concrete opinion of yourself.” – Amir Zoghi –

"Be more concerned about what you think of yourself Kathryn, rather than being so concerned about the opinion of others. An opinion of another individual is only determined by the opinion that they have of their self, so it cannot be a true opinion of you anyway. Just like your opinion of others is really an opinion about yourself.  The UNIVERSE"

Last night when I was crying, it brought up so many Emotions, and I did start to compare where I am at in my life versus Friends from the past - and then I remembered that none of this matters.  I am happy to be me - my life is a Gift.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Early Eclipse Warning

The picture above is a shot of the solar eclipse as seen in Argentina last Sunday. Trust me -- you want to see this picture larger, here is the link.

This event segues into my second early warning reminder that on the winter solstice this year (Dec. 21, 2010) there will be a total lunar eclipse, which will be visible in all of North America and partially in Europe and northern Asia. In the U.S. the total eclipse with occur at 4:38 AM PST, 5:38 MST, 6:38 CST, unfortunately the moon sets just minutes before totality on the most eastern sections of the U.S.

The total time of the eclipse will exceed 5.5 hours, so even on the east coast you will get quite a show, the rest of the continental U.S., Canada and Central America will see the whole display. In the central time zone the moon will set still partially eclipsed but you will be going back to bed anyway. And mind you this all takes place on the Winter Solstice, start the party planning now!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Mustard Hot Dogs Clipart

Here's another simple hot dog with mustard clipart, in case you need another one. It's not too different from one of the previous images, but I wanted to give you a wide variety of options to choose from. Look at the subtleties of design and artistry and choose the one that you feel is the best match.

More mustard hot dogs clipart pictures

I hope you're finding these hot dog clipart useful!

Simple Hot Dog Clip Art

Since I have been getting a lot of requests for hot dog clip art, I decided to bring some to Clipart For Free. So over the next few entries I'll be bringing you some great hot dog clip art images.

Hot dogs are not the most nutritious food in the world. They're made from a mix of throwaway meat products and flavored with a little spice to make them taste like something! But hot dogs bring back lots of childhood memories for me. Especially hot dog day at school, when kids would be treated to hot dogs and other goodies at lunch time. I also have a lot of birthday party memories that come up when I eat hot dogs.

The first entry in our hot dog clip art series is this most simple hot dog image:

The simplest hot dog clipart you'll ever see

Get more free hot dog clip art images (and loads of others) at

Annual Poker Boyz Excursion

For the next seven days I shall be participating in our annual Poker Boyz gathering in Las Vegas. Attendance this year is nearly complete (with the exception of Zippy who is not allowed to travel west of the great oil spill). Joel is on his way from Minnesota. Mike is already here in the Bay area, he and I will be driving over today. The Bill of the wild variety will be making a slightly late arrival in Henderson to join up with the Debonair one. Randy arrives from the land of pelicans and oranges and the leader of the leaderless pack, Amy is on her way from deep in the heart of.

Over the next seven days we will play some poker tournament or another; eat at some restaurant, buffet or local favorite spot; laugh a lot and repeat. A minority contingent will make a cat run to the SPCA before heading to yet another poker tournament. I am sure we will hit Binion's at least once, since most of us are staying at Monte Carlo that room will see some action, along with MGM, Aria, Venetian, M and even one or two other random poker dens approved by our local poker pro.

The World Series of Poker finishes it's summer run today, so we can thankfully skip the Rio but there is always a chance for a tournament and a steak at the Gold Coast. Hell we might even make it to the north end for a late night tournament at Sahara. We all take a piece of all the money winners and this time we actually hope to break even as a group, something we have not done in awhile.

For my non-poker readers, I have left some thoughts moldering in the cyber stew. I would not abandon you to a full week of silence. I am not the type of guy who has his fun and then doesn't call. Enjoy those post-dated ponderings but expect no live missives from Las Vegas, I have said all that Sin City stuff before.

Friday, July 16, 2010

White Heron

Sun-bronzed and
the young and beautiful
swirl and settle
around the bar;
they are a flock of high-price birds,
predatory, voracious,
sharp as claws.
Their polished bills
spark and glisten in the light.

They clatter loudly,
and laugh at the edge
of harshness.

(This poem was written after a visit to the White Heron Travelodge in Christchurch, New Zealand. )

My Yellow Heart

I am blessed that I now have such a strong sense of my Soul's Home - My Yellow Heart.  

For me the image of my Yellow Heart is my Touchstone to the way of being where I am totally Present.  In this place I am Love, I am Light, I am Acceptance, I am Warmth.  In this place I am Relaxed, I am at Peace.  In this place I can hear the whispers of my Soul, my Yellow Heart is the home of my Soul.  

In this place I have Connection with my Wise Self - a Part of me that guides me on my Soul path.  Today I enjoyed a Meditation listening to my new CD 'Pure Sounds Gyuto Monks of Tibet' (which is wonderful) and I felt my Self sitting in my Soul's Home of My Yellow Heart and being in Communication with my Wise Self (who was sitting opposite me).  This was a wonderful experience.  This is my image of my Wise Self.

As I sit in my Soul's Home of My Yellow Heart in my Meditation I also have a sense and the image of my Guardian Angel holding my right hand.  My Guardian Angel whispers "I am here, you are not alone."  My Guardian Image is beautiful - her dress is made of crystal and gold.  This is a beautiful experience.  I also have a sense of another Angel holding my left hair - she is dressed in purple.  My Angels explain that they are here to help guide me, and that by allowing this Space in my life, I can be in touch with my Intuition.

As I am in Meditation I feel my Self sitting in my Soul's Home and I feel so Peaceful - I want to stay in this place, I want to stay in this place forever.  And then came the realisation that I can stay in this place - I can always sit in My Yellow Heart and be Love and Light and Peace and Acceptance.  In my Soul's Home I feel that I am sitting in a circle, my Guardian Angel to my right, another Angel to my left and my Wise Self opposite me - and there are Others from the Universe also Present to support me.  In my day to day, I can take this Awareness with me, feeling the Love and Light of the Universe.

Recently in a Coaching Session I discovered my Soul's Home is this place of being "Present and Warm to What Is".  By Consciously choosing to be in my Soul's Home I feel more at Peace.  At work I am just being  "Present and Warm to What Is", and so rather than overthinking about my Monday-Wednesday, I am able to be Present and focus on my work.  In this way, I am not wasting energy thinking about anything other than being at work - and as I focus on my work I am able to exceed my Targets and I feel a sense of Achievement.  In my relationship with my Man, I am also practicing being Present.  And in this place I can express my truth and all of my feelings. 

When I am with my Clients I feel myself in My Yellow Heart, listening with my Heart, totally Present.  In My Yellow Heart I sit in Honour of my Clients, in Honour of their Courage.  I am Honoured that they are sharing their Journey with me.  In My Yellow Heart I am Love, I am Light, I am Acceptance, I am "Present and Warm to What Is", I am Peace.  As I sit in My Yellow Heart I hold a Sacred Space for others.  In my Yellow Heart I allow Space.  Space for me offers the opportunity to Pause.  Rather than rushing in and speaking, I allow Attentive Silence for my Clients.  I also allow the Space for my Intuition, to hear Spirit.  And then I can respond to my Clients. 

Space in my own life allows me to gain insights for my own life.  Having Space is very important to me.  Space allows me to tune into my sense of achieving Balance within my Self and my Life. 

When I am Home in My Yellow Heart, I have a strong sense of Self-Love and Confidence.  I remember who I am, my Soul Journey and my Soul Purpose.  I am True to me.  And as I move into the Future and looking at my Ideal Scene in 5 years I want to be having this same internal experience - where I can be in the daily living of being in My Yellow Heart, my Soul's Home, the Light, Love and Peace within me - that is me.  When I am Home in My Yellow Heart I allow the Space to be in Connection with Spirit.  I have a knowing that I can draw on all of the Strengths and Resources within me, including my Wise Self and other Archetypes. By being "Present and Warm to What Is" I feel that I can always carry this with me - no matter where my Life leads I can be in My Yellow Heart.

From My Yellow Heart I can Spread The Yellow.  From a Natural, Heart-Felt, Genuine, Place of Love, I can Share, Moment to Moment, my Love, Warmth, Connection, Presence, Genuine Interest and Curiosity, My Interest In What You Have To Say, My Interest In Your Journey, My Care.  I can Communicate  I SEE YOU, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO ME.  I can Share JOY, Happiness, Positivity, Energy, Excitement, Enthusiasm, Eye Contact, Just Being With Another, A Smile, A Moment, A Kind Word, Words From My Heart, A Hug, An Encouragement, An Acknowledgement, Gratitude, Appreciation, Gift Of Words, Gift Of Thoughtfulness, AWARENESS, Opportunities, Possibilities, the Right To Choice, the Right To Choose, An Offering, An Invitation.  From My Yellow Heart I can Make A Difference, I can Make This Moment Count!!!

I have a sense of a Butterfly landing in my Soul's Home, an image of Transformation.  The Butterfly gently reminds me that Life is a Journey and that change is a part of Life.  The Butterfly reminds me to Honour the Journey of Others.  The Butterfly reminds me to Honour my own Journey.

For me my Business Card helps highlight my way of Being and Doing that feels right for me.  My Yellow Heart is at the Centre and this Inspires Emotion and Action through my Yin and Yang, the Parts of me that act from a place of Love.  There is Balance, there is Space, there is Light.  And as I Honour My Yellow Heart, I will SHINE.

I feel so Grateful to recognise the Yellow in my own Life.  As I sit within My Yellow Heart I can be real with every emotion and I can also have an Attitude of Gratitude.  I am very Grateful to my Man who surprised me yesterday with a beautiful card and words and a thoughtful present, that is very me.  My Man is continually bringing Yellow to my life, always buying me Yellow flowers and recently he bought me a Yellow shower curtain.  I am so happy that I see my Man in my Future, he is in my Ideal Life.  I am blessed to be so Loved by my Man and feel such Love for him.  And in My Yellow Heart I have Love and Care for my Self.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Agent Orange

Thirty-five years after the United States pulled out of Vietnam, the toxic chemical Agent Orange continues to kill and maim citizens of that country and U.S. veterans of that war. Recently a joint panel of U.S. and Vietnamese scientists, citizens and governmental officials released a plan that urges the U.S. government and private corporations to provide $300 million over the next decade to clean up land and water sources still contaminated with dioxin, the chemical component of the defoliant Agent Orange.

The funds would also provide medical treatment to the tens of thousands of Vietnamese and their children suffering from disabilities and deformities linked to exposure to Agent Orange.  "The war is over but the wounds from the war still remain in many areas of Vietnam," Nguyen Van Son, national assembly member and panel participant. "Many Agent Orange victims have died, but many other victims, including children with disabilities, have been fighting diseases under extreme hardship and they are in dire need of treatment and support."

The Red Cross estimates up to 3 million Vietnamese have suffered health problems related to Agent Orange exposure. During the war the U.S. military used over 20 million gallons of Agent Orange and other herbicides on some 5.5 million acres of forest and crop land. The dioxin in these agents has been linked to cancers, birth defects and other serious health risks. Dioxin levels in soil, sediment and fish in some areas remains 400 times above international limits. Drinking water and consuming tainted fish and game still today transfers the dioxin and the health risks particularly to the rural population.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fantastic Photographs

Steve McCurry is in my opinion one of the most interesting and talented photographers in the world.  His work is usually described as photojournalism, because he can't seem to take a photo without displaying the life, culture and condition of the people and places involved.  His eye for colours is superb, and those colours are always brilliant and intense.  This one was taken in India.

There are some heart-rending shots of the Gulf oil disaster on Steve's blog.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great Cartoon

This was the cartoon on the editorial page in yesterday's New Zealand Herald.  It is by the fantastically talented and clever Rod Emmerson, and I hope he will not mind my paying homage to his ideas by posting it here.  It is on the Herald's website, which is free, so I hope I'm not breaking any copyright rules.
see Emmerson's cartoon Tuesday 13 July 2010


There are days we will never forget where we were. Everyone in my generation knows exactly where they were when they heard: "... as the presidential motorcade moved through downtown Dallas." Lots of folks my age also know where they were when they heard Elvis had died, I don't. But I do know exactly where I was when Nixon resigned the presidency and I know where I was on April 30th 1975 -- the day the Vietnam War ended for us.

About ten years later, I picked up a tattered paperback in a used book store in West Hollywood and began a three year period where I read everything I could find on Vietnam. I finished that immersion with A Bright Shining Lie by Neil Sheehan published in 1988. I still believe that to be the best book ever written about the American involvement in Vietnam. 

Since 1988 I had not read another book about that war. Then a few months ago came the word of another great Vietnam book -- Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes. I put my name on the waiting list at the Berkeley library and waited, I was 36th in the queue. In the meantime, I decided to reread A Bright Shining Lie. After several attempts I gave up. It wasn't the same book, I wasn't the same person, it wasn't 1988 or 1975.

Last week, my name rolled to the top of the wait list and I picked up Matterhorn. Six hundred pages read as fast as had the nine hundred of A Bright Shining Lie, which remains the best book ever written about that dirty little war.

As for Matterhorn -- well one of the jacket blurbs got it right for me:

"Never have we seen the particular horrors and challenges of Vietnam so richly explored, and never have we felt the tactile experience of the war depicted with such mesmerizing force. We see the big picture, but as with all great novels, it's the tiny details--the mud, the leeches, the adrenaline-drenched dread of combat, and the tender joy of comradeship--that lingers with the reader long after the story is over."

If you want to know why I and others rage against the United States' involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, read these two books. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Exceptional Self-Care

I am happy to revisit the topic of Self-Care, which is the final Activity in preparation for my College Course next week.  What I love about Transformational Life Coaching is that it offers the opportunity for Clients to achieve balance in their lives in terms of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Aspects of Self, essentially a Balance of Yang Masculine and Yin Feminine.  I also love the opportunity to bring in Self-Awareness of the importance of Self-Care.  This is great for me and for my Coaching Clients. 

I read my notes from my Teacher "Exceptional Self-Care... establish or renew a commitment to take VERY good care of yourself.  Underpinning any Self-Care behaviour, such as getting sufficient rest, receiving bodywork, not doing every little thing that others expect of you, etc, is an attitude of valuing one's Self-Care, and a willingness to follow through... When you support clients to learn to support themselves better in this way - and role-model Self-Care yourself - they are likely to adopt better habits and thus experience a boost in their energy.  This then makes it naturally more possible to be more present in their life, and the lives of others.  The term 'Exceptional Self-Care' highlights an intention to uphold this way of living."

I look up the definition of 'Exceptional' - "Being an exception; uncommon; well above average; extraordinary".  I feel Inspired.

I look at the 'Exceptional Self-Care' Activity, a Holistic Approach that looks at what can be done on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels to improve my Self-Care.  Rather than just being in the mind in a Yang mode - I tune into my Yin Intuition and Feelings and I have a sense that I can be Exceptional in my Self-Care:
- Massage - at least one every three months
- Walk in Nature - at least four times per week (I love my Walks in Nature)
- Yoga - at least once a week (I love that I have finally started Yoga)
- Sweet-free at least Monday-Thursday (I remember not eating sweets for about 9 years and I enjoy being able to relax and enjoy sweets now and yet I also want to limit the sugar in my diet)

- Check in with my Feelings on a daily basis, a few times a day 
- Trust my Body, Felt Sense, Intuition rather than just being in my Thinking
- Journal and Art Therapy when I feel called to express myself

- Meditation 15-30 minutes per day
- Affirmation to STOP any overthinking or worrying

- Meditation 15-30 minutes per day
- Pray and give thanks on a daily basis with an Attitude of Gratitude.

I feel that in the last two weeks I have just been reading and reviewing all of these forms and making lists of all of the gaps I have in my life and identifying Areas where I need ACTION.  And so I am especially loving that I can balance this out with Self-Care.  I am especially keen to book a massage - hmmm... that sounds like a great idea!!!

There is so much to do.  I will write this twice - THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!!!  And yet this week I will enjoy each day.  I am not going to overthink things or worry, or even think about ALL of the things I need to do.  I am just going to be Present in the NOW.  This feels to be such a great way to Honour Self and to Practice Exceptional Self-Care.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beautiful Trees # 5

I love trees, especially trees which stand on their own and reveal their beautiful shapes.  This is a fantastic New Zealand Pohutukawa tree, in Cornwallis Park, Auckland.

Lost Vegas

Yes this post will be about Las Vegas and poker, also strippers, drugs, alcohol and lime tossing.  A friend and fellow writer has just published a book about all of those things and so much more. Paul McGuire -- Dr. Pauly to those involved in the world of professional poker -- has been writing about poker for over five years but Lost Vegas is more about the underbelly of Las Vegas than it is about playing poker. I have seen most of what Pauly describes in his book but I saw it from a safe distance. Where I protected myself with kevlar, Pauly barely had time for the latex. This book is very up close and personal with the dark side of Sin City. He has felt the breath of a coke-up stripper and had the drunken conversations with hookers as the sun came up on another heat-stoked Vegas day.

Think Leaving Las Vegas without the cinematic touchups. Yes folks, Vegas really is this nasty and dirty. No matter how many Cirque de Soleil shows you see, the raw truth is just behind that row of Wheel of Fortune slots.

I will warn you only that there may be too much poker action for my non-poker audience but if you ever wanted to see, touch, feel and smell what real Las Vegas can be like -- this book will give you a taste you will remember. Yes, I do make a few cameos but as I said, I never go as dark as Pauly. And lest you think you have heard this all before -- I offer you my favorite excerpt from Lost Vegas:

"You having a good time tonight?" she asked.

"The possible ranks higher than the actual."

"You didn't just make that shit up?" she screamed into my ear over the blaring music. "You don't think I'm that fuckin' stupid where you can pass off a second-rate quote from an out-dated philosopher like Heidegger? He's a Nazi, you know."

My bluff had been called. There's something very sexy, yet surreal, when a naked woman debates Heidegger with you while you attempt to drown out the Britney Spears song blasting in the background.

If you want to check out the unique style of the good doctor, he pens a number of blogs: Tao of Poker, Tao of Pauly, Coventry Music and Tao of Bacon. As Bill Edler would say -- well done, my friend.

My Financial Health

Now is the time to look at my Financial Health.  There is a Part of me that feels some resistance to looking at this topic, as I do not feel that I am in the best Financial Health right now.  It is definitely an Area that needs my attention, and for that reason there is definitely another Part of me that is motivated to become better Organised and Planned in this Area.  It is time to bring in my Yang.  I keep talking about bringing in more of my Yang as I am usually so much in my Yin.  I revisit my Yin and Yang images, inparticular I am inspired by my Yang Masculine image - I need this Part of me to definitely be more active.

Before I start reading my notes from College, I take the time to reflect on the History of my Relationship with Money.  I remember getting my first job while I was at school and my Parents were always very generous in letting me spend the money on whatever I wanted - clothes, going out, clothes.  Even when I went to University and I was working casually, most of my money just went to clothes and going out.  As I write this now I have a sense of sadness that I didn't contribute to my University books or stationery, I just remember my Dad going to work every day, week in and week out, working hard for his family and giving me money when I needed it.  I didn't think much about the value of Money or having Choices about Money when I was a child or even a teenage, although I do remember being sent money for my Birthday and Christmas from my Nana and Papa and Aunty Joyce and making Choices of what I should buy.  

I then remember my Cousin telling me that every time she would reach $100 in her bank account, she would transfer it to another account, and with this advice I started saving, and I loved saving.  Saving made me feel great, especially with a Goal of buying a car.  In my early 20s I bought a grey charade - I loved that car.  

Once I started working full-time I started spending money on fancy clothes for my fancy jobs in the city, I was always buying suits and scarves and stockings and shoes.  I then went to Atlanta for work for 4 months and I spent a fortune - books, clothes, perfume, presents for everyone back home.  I was also given so many presents from the place where I was working, and so when I returned home I had too many bags.  At the last minute at the airport, I had to organise for some bags of my luggage to be sent home.  

After years and years of shopping and spending, I settled into a savings plan, I don't really know how this happened or what Inspired me.  I was still living at home and I settled into a long-term relationship and before I knew it, after about 4 years, I had enough for a deposit on a home.  And then a whole new Journey began - buying a home, a mortgage.  And then a relationship breakup.  Followed by a new relationship and marriage and divorce.  Followed by other relationships and other breakups and selling my Home.  My Health and My Financial Health suffered as I went in and out of different relationships and in and out of different properties.  

About five years ago, a lot of things changed for me, where I started working with People in Hiring, Training, Management and Motivation.  I loved this job.  After years and years of Financial loss, this job gave me the opportunity to save and plan for my future.  I loved being able to buy a car and then my own Property again and I enjoyed having a feeling of Financial Freedom where I felt able to buy clothes and presents for loved ones and I was able to go out and enjoy myself and I felt in control of my Finances and my life.  

When I changed jobs, this changed for me.  And now I am choosing to start my own Business.  I feel my Journey over the last two years, and my experience of now, is just the opportunity for me to learn about My Financial Health.  I have never had to worry about a Budget or really worry about Money until now - and so now I see the opportunity to shift my perspective and learn how I can be more responsible and become more active and more abundant in this Area.

I read 'Invest In Your Financial Health' from 'Take Time For Your Life' by Cheryl Richardson and there are many parts of this excerpt that resonate with me.  "Although most of us know by now that money doesn't bring happiness, the lack of money can bring plenty of pain.  If you're living without financial reserves, it's impossible to be in control of your life.  How can you leave a job that's making you crazy and affecting your health or take time off to care for a loved one?  When will you take that trip you've been planning for the last ten years or start the business you've always dreamed of?  It's impossible to 'follow your bliss' when you've got a hefty mortgage to pay or feel saddled with unwanted debt." This resonates with me - I have always had this reserve of money and now with my decision to start my own business and stay true to my Dream, this reserve is no longer available, right now.  Time to build back the reserves.

Cheryl Richardson explains "A lack of financial reserves is the biggest obstacle to my clients, living the lives they want most... The more trouble you have with money, however, the more energy this piece will take from you and the more challenging it will be to live the life you want.  Extreme self-care includes taking care of your financial health.  If you struggle to make ends meet, have trouble saving money, or feel burdened with unwanted debt, it's time to do something about it."

Time for the Financial Health Checkup - with 15 points:
- I balance my bank statement every month - No
- I always pay my bills on time - No
- I live debt free or utilise a plan to get there - No
- I contribute to a savings plan consistently - No
- I don't dream about or depend on the lottery or other gimmicks to fund my financial future - Yes
- I know where my money goes and how much I spend on personal and/ or business expenses - Yes
- I have a long-term financial plan that supports my present and future Goals - No
- I live well within my means - Yes
- I am financially secure, I don't worry about money - No
- I always carry enough cash with me -No
- When I feel financially full, I share my wealth with others - Yes
- I pay my credit cards in full each month - No
- I pay my taxes on time - Yes
- I have an excellent financial adviser/ accountant who supports my financial goals - No
- I have a bookkeeping system that allows me to access my financial information at any time - No
= 5/15

I am reassured when I read "If this checklist feels overwhelming or depressing, don't worry.  Eight percent of the people that first take this test score between 3 and 6 points out of the possible 15.  Becoming aware of the missing pieces in your financial puzzle is the first step.  Once you know how to improve your financial health you can take one simple action and be on the road to fiscal fitness.  Inaction is what keeps you a victim to external forces."

As I am a Coach, I am all about ACTION and I also have a Commitment to Coach myself and be true to being my best on my Journey.

I enjoy reading and learning from 'Take Time For Your Life' - "This lack of skill, discipline, and basic money management expertise gets you into trouble in several ways.  First, there are concrete issues of debt and liability, what I call the practical issues.  Following close behind are the emotional issues - a looming sense of anxiety about where your money goes and a sense of hopelessness about your ability to improve your financial state.  Finally, you end up feeling frustrated, irresponsible, and bad about yourself, and this is what blocks you from increasing your wealth."

"I am convinced that the secret to creating the abundance you desire is very simple: once you take full responsibility for your financial health, money stops being a source of frustration and starts to flow into your life naturally."  I feel Inspired reading this paragraph as I have heard about this before, in line with The Secret and Law Of Attraction and as suggested by Cheryl Richardson, it is now time to send the right message to my Wise Self that I can be responsible with My Financial Health and allow more abundance into my life. "To allow more abundance into your life, you must invest in your financial health.  By shifting your attitude and developing 'adult' money skills, you'll open to the abundance that is rightfully yours.  Time and again I've watched as clients balance their checkbooks, start paying off debt, or ask for a well-deserved raise and thus open the door for more money to enter their lives."

"Restoring your financial health begins with a shift in attitude, from 'dealing with money is too much work or too stressful' to 'I'll do whatever it takes to restore My Financial Health'.  This shift sets the stage for action.  When you take the necessary actions to get on track, you end up feeling good about yourself, and that's the key ingredient to creating abundance.  When you feel secure about the way you handle money, you naturally attract more."

I like the opportunity to look at how I think and feel about money - and explore these statements:
- Money is -  Freedom and Choices 
- My bank account is - A tool I can use to be Organised
- Those who have more money than me are - Successful
- Money never - Brings happiness (oops I don't think I should be sending out that Belief)
- Money always - Makes everything easier
- When it comes to debt, I believe - That it is okay to have debt as long as it is kept under control
- When I am faced with money problems, I believe - In being aware of my debt and having a plan where I can make Choices for my future
- When it comes to money management, I am - wanting to develop better skills
- For me to make money, then - I have to follow my Vision and be true to my Self
- I can't make a lot of money because - ____________ I don't believe in this statement - I believe I can make a lot of money and I open myself up to abundance
- I deserve - for My Financial Health to be strong so that I can make Choices and Make A Difference in my life, to my loved ones and in Community.

I like this Checklist - Prescription for My Financial Health - I will be working on getting this Area of my life right (what is right and healthy for me) - 
"The Inner Work - Change How You Think and Feel About Money
- Change your beliefs
- Develop an Attitude of Gratitude (this one is easy for me)
- Share your wealth (I am already comfortable and active in sharing my wealth)
- Get comfortable with more
- Respect Yourself (I can tick this off the Checklist - and need to continually Honour my Self)

The Outer Work - Develop New Money Skills
- Ask for help
- Balance your accounts
- Know where the money goes
- Cut your expenses
- Pay your bills on time
- Eliminate debts
- Repair your credit report
- Start saving
- Put a bookkeeping system in place
- Create a personal spending plan
- Invest in your future, invest in you."

I definitely need my Organiser Archetype to help me in this Area.  I am Excited to be meeting with my Accountant this week and so I feel that this will give me a great opportunity to improve My Financial Health.   And with the start of the new Financial Year it is a perfect time to put systems in place.

Healthy Sources of Energy

We had a great night last night - out with my Man and his Friends.  We went out to a Thai Restaurant and enjoyed great food and wine, stories, chatting and laughter.  I love laughing.  Laughing for me is definitely one of my Healthy Sources Of Energy.

And today has been a day of relaxation, which I have loved.  I remember the days when I had every minute of my life planned and I was always on the go - now I love the opportunity to relax and recharge.  I have also enjoyed looking at my College work today, which is my lifework and a hobby.  Unlike when I was at University years ago, I love my College work, it is not a chore at all.  I love that it offers me the opportunity for my own Growth and I love continually learning to help me with Coaching my Clients.

For my College work and for my Self-Development, I have been looking at Distractions and Energy Leaks.  In 'Take Time For Your Life' by Cheryl Richardson there are some good reminders for me of how I used to be and how I do not want to be again - this part resonates with me "Another common way to keep the adrenaline flowing is to spread yourself too thin.  Investing your time and energy in too many areas causes stress and anxiety.  Instead of working on too many projects at once, pursuing multiple business ideas, or getting involved with too many organisations, narrow your focus.  Decide to do one or two things well, and channel your energy.  Too many irons in the fire give the illusion of getting a lot accomplished, but it's usually less productive."

As I tune my awareness to Energy Leaks and Distractions "of what triggers my body into fight or flight response, even on a subtle level", I really like the opportunity to consider how I replace this in my own life with Healthy Sources Of Energy (or fuel).  In the book 'Take Time For Your Life' by Cheryl Richardson, she talks about the "energy that comes from a higher source - the kinds of fuel that give you the power to do all that you want to do and contribute to your overall health and wellbeing.  Living a high-quality, whole life is a long-distance event.  Give yourself plenty of good fuel you need to sustain yourself."

I review the "What's Fueling You" List and check the good sources already in my life and I am conscious of what I still may need to Consciously bring into my life.  Cheryl Richardson explains "These are the things that will fuel you in a way that contributes to the quality of your life... give yourself 2 points for every item checked.  Tally each section individually and multiply by 2.  Then, combine the scores from each section for a grand total.  With 100 points available, how did you do?  If you score is low, don't worry.  Now that you have more time and energy available, it will be easier to consistently add more of these types of energy sources to your life."  In doing this Activity I decide to give myself either a 0, 1 or 2 which helps me avoid the black or white, yes or no, and allows space for the sometimes and I want more.  If I feel like I do have some progress in this area and I would still like to make some improvement, I will rank this Area at a 1.
- I enjoy the company of special friends -1
- I share my life with my soulmate - 2
- I have a blood family or chosen family with whom I feel close - 2
- I get immense pleasure from spending time with children - 2
- I have a pet that brings me joy and provides me with unconditional love - 0
- I spend time having fun with people who make me laugh - 2
- I am part of a loving and supportive community -1
- I have relationships that stimulate me intellectually - 2
- I have people I can turn to in times of need - 2
- I have relationships where I feel intimately connected to others - 2

- I have a special 'soul nurturing' place in my home just for me - 0
- I listen to my favourite music regularly - 1
- I love my sense of style and feel good in the clothes I wear - 1
- I've let go of all the 'stuff' I no longer need - 0
- I keep fresh flowers in my home and office - 2
- My home is neat, clean and well organised - 1
- I create beauty around me - 1
- I love the neighbourhood I live in - 2
- My bedroom is the perfect place to get a good night's sleep - 2
- I have at least one room with a beautiful view that I enjoy - 1

Body, Mind and Spirit
- I exercise regularly -2
- I have eliminated caffeine from my diet - 1
- I have a way that eliminates stress and keeps me centred - 2
- I eat healthy and nutritious foods -1
- I care for my body with regular healthcare checkups and bodywork appointments - 2
- Each day I read something inspirational to keep my attitude positive - 2
- I have a Spiritual practice that connects me with my Wise Self - 1
- I feel a strong connection to a power greater than myself - 2
- I set aside regular time for solitude and silence - 2
- I have a safe and healthy outlet for my emotional wellbeing - 2

- I enjoy my work - 1
- My commute is stress free - 2
- I have a mentor who guides and encourages me - 0
- I always take lunch breaks - 2
- I have colleagues who inspire and respect me - 2
- I take mental health days when I need them - 1
- I feel energised at the end of most work days - 1
- My office is a beautiful space that's well organised and free from distractions - 0
- My work contributes to a larger Vision that I have for my life - 1
- My ideas and talents are welcome at work - 1

- I always carry enough cash with me - 1
- I have a system to keep my finances in order, and I know where my money goes - 1
- I am fully insured and protected - 2
- I save money consistently - 0
- My taxes are paid and up to date - 2
- I've made smart investments that earn very well -1
- I enjoy being generous and easily share my wealth - 2
- I pay myself first - 0
- I spend my money on things that I love - 2
- I pay my credit cards in full each month - 0

My Total Score = 66/100

I am surprised that I am only at 66 out of 100, and then another Part of me is not that surprised as I know that Environment, Work and Money are Areas that need my attention.  I am Excited that by having a look at the list of different Areas, by chunking it down to specifics, I am able to see opportunities for me to bring more Healthy Sources Of Energy into my life.

I am enjoying these Yang Processes and yet I am feeling my Yin Part of me calling to check in with my Intuition to get a feel of Next Steps plus bring in some images to bring possibilities to life for me.  In terms of Relationships I have a sense that of most importance to me is Connection with my Man on a daily basis  (this week I think we'll put on some music and have fun dancing, as well as enjoy some  Nature walks).

It is also important for me to maintain Connection with Friends and also be proactive in joining in with Community through the Bookstore and Church.

In terms of my Environment, this week I plan to listen to more music that I enjoy, at home and in my car.   I love music, I love when I put music on at home when I am cooking and I love listening to music driving to work, it definitely gets me energised for my day.

And I plan to keep my living area and kitchen free of clutter and organised.  I am not going to make a Commitment to organise my Office - this is a big job, and I want to be realistic and have the time to be able to focus my energy - and so for this week, it is just small Next Steps.

For my Body, Mind, Spirit I am also making a Commitment to enjoy at least 15-30 minutes of Meditation every day - this is important.  This week I will use this as the Opportunity to Connect with my Wise Self.  This is the image that I feel resonates with me when I talk about my Wise Self, the Sage Part of me.

The Area of Work is a BIG one for me.  While I love my Coaching, I also have a sense of wanting to be bringing more of my Self and my skills to my Monday-Wednesday job and I also want to put more energy into building my Business.  For me this week I am just going to hold myself Accountable to finalising the requirements for my Coaching Advertisement.

Money is also an Area that requires my attention.  There has been a huge change in this Area for me, directly related to my decisions regarding Work.  I make a BIG decision to not go back into a Management, Corporate, Full-Time role once I was made redundant so that I could be true to my Journey of becoming a Coach.  And this has been the right decision - even though it has had a huge impact on my Financial situation - and I trust that this struggle is just short-term.  For this week I am planning to be conscious of living to my Budget and keeping a record of where I am spending my Money.

I am also looking forward to reading my notes from College about "Invest in Your Financial Health" - sounds like a perfect topic for me.

I am Excited to know that with all of this Self-Reflection via all of these Yang Processes and Activities, there is the opportunity to work with a Coach and so perhaps this is where there will be space for getting insights from my Intuitive Yin and Emotional Yin Parts of me.  As I am so connected with my Feminine, Intuitive and Emotional Yin, I do welcome the opportunity to get my Yang Part of me working for me, taking ACTION.

All of these Processes are fantastic by offering the Opportunity to look at all Areas of Life.   I am Excited to use them as Exercises in Coaching with my Clients and to add them to my Toolkit.

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