Friday, April 30, 2010

An Anniversary Unearned

30 April, 2010 HO CHI MINH CITY – Vietnam marked the 35th anniversary of the Communist victory in the Vietnam War with a grand military parade Friday through the former Saigon, with the government basking more in its economic achievements than its historic military defeat of the United States.

While this date is clinically the end of the Vietnam War, we were all aware it was over months even years before. Troops withdrawal had begun nearly three years prior to the ultimate surrender, which was an end only for the U.S. and not for the Vietnamese who had suffered under imperialists of one flag or another for decades.

So it might be hard to remember where you were on April 30th of 1975. It was a Wednesday, I was working the late shift at the pharmacy. We did see a shot of the U.S. embassy above on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, but there was little celebration. The anti-war movement had won but fifty-six thousand Americans and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese had died in the futile struggle for nothing more than a discredited foreign policy.

Nixon had already been run out of office in disgrace in '74. There was talk of healing the wounds of war but little was being done for the surviving veterans who still today carry the scars of this national hubris. All in all, not an anniversary to celebrate and apparently not a milestone from which the country has learned the lessons of attempting to impose democracy on other cultures.

Scents of Summer

The art of making perfumes began in ancient Egypt and was further refined by the Romans and Persians. In ancient times people used herbs and spices as well as flowers. A Persian doctor and chemist introduced the process of extracting oils from flowers by means of distillation, the procedure most commonly used today. Raw ingredients and distillation technology significantly influenced western perfumery and scientific developments. In 2005, archaeologists uncovered what are believed to be the world's oldest perfumes in Pyrgos, Cyprus. The perfumes date back more than 4,000 years, and were discovered in an ancient perfumery. At least 60 stills, mixing bowls, funnels and perfume bottles were found in the 43,000-square-foot factory.

What is Perfume? It's a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds used to give the human body, a pleasant scent.

Perfume is described in a musical metaphor as having three sets of notes, making the harmonious scent accord. The notes unfold over time, with the immediate impression of the top note leading to the deeper middle notes, and the base notes gradually appearing as the final stage. These notes are created carefully with knowledge of the evaporation process of the perfume.

  • Top notes: The scents that are perceived immediately on application of a perfume. Top notes consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. They form a person's initial impression of a perfume.

  • Middle notes: The scent of a perfume that emerges just prior to when the top notes dissipate. The middle note compounds form the "heart" or main body of a perfume and act to mask the often unpleasant initial impression of base notes, which become more pleasant with time.
  • Base notes: The scent of a perfume that appears close to the departure of the middle notes. The base and middle notes together are the main theme of a perfume. Base notes bring depth and solidity to a perfume. Compounds of this class of scents are typically rich and "deep" and are usually not perceived until 30 minutes after application.

The scents in the top and middle notes are influenced by the base notes, as well the scents of the base notes will be altered by the type of fragrance materials used as middle notes. Manufacturers of perfumes usually publish perfume notes and typically they present it as fragrance pyramid, with the components listed in imaginative and abstract terms.


For those who know me, then you are aware of my obsession with perfumes. I even worked in the perfume department of Dillard's, where I obtained tons and tons of bottles of the newest releases. I don't really have a "signature scent", because I like variety. I prefer smelling like a piece or fruit, maybe with a slight floral scent. I do not typically gravitate towards woodsy or spicy - it's just not for me. If I can leave the house everyday smelling good enough to eat, then I'm happy! :-)

Here are my picks!

Ok, so my family totally rags me for being a Britney fan, but I don't care...I love her! And I absolutely adore all of her perfumes. I'm not exaggerating, but EVERY TIME I wear one of her fragrances, random people stop me and ask what it is! And it's not surprise because this one was honored by the Fragrance Foundation as Best Women's Fragrance. She has sold over 700 million bottles of this fragrance worldwide and it is her most successful perfume. Overall she has sold over 1 billion bottles of perfume (and I've bought all of them at least 2x). So there, everyone loves Brit Brit!

"Curious" by Britney Spears $60
The fragrance is a white floral scent. Its notes are Louisiana magnolia (an ode to Britney's stomping ground), golden Anjou pear, lotus flower, tuberose, star jasmine, pink cyclamen, vanilla-infused musk, sandlewood and blonde woods.

I'm a big fan of Jessica Simpson shoes and purses - I think they absolutely rock! So when I was in florida for vacation 2 years ago, I found this super-sweet scent at the Rosemary Beach mall, and had to buy it! Every time I wear it, it remember being at that beach,

"Fancy" by Jessica Simpson $75
This is considered an oriental vanilla fragrance. Top notes are pear, apricot and red berries; middle notes are gardenia, jasmine, almond and caramel; base notes are sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Ok, so I purchased this scent LONG BEFORE the guidos of Jersey Shore knew about the tattoo-inspired California clothing line! No one had even heard of Ed Hardy at this point, but thought it was a really cool bottle and I loved the fruity smell.

"Love Kills Slowly" by Ed Hardy $75
This is a fruity floral with notes of apple soufflé, mango, wild strawberry, rudy red grapefruit, freesia petals, watery muguet, linden blossom, warm amber, musk, tonka bean and vanilla pudding.

I fell in love with this citrus scent when I smelled it on my former salon boss. At this time, no department store around Nashville sold it. But I found it at Opry Mills Mall and have purchased a total of 3 bottles because I love the clean and fresh smell of it!

"Light Blue" by Dolce & Gabbana $65
Combines lively Sicilian cedar with the freshness of Granny Smith Apples, and the flora allure and sponataneity of the bluebell. The freshness of bamboo softened with the intensity of jasmine and the charm of white rose. Fuses citron wood and sensual amber and the delicate caress of musk.

Now this scent was by a brand I had never heard of, Bvlgari. But when a friend (former Miss Venezuela) recommened it to me, I really came to love the soft sweetness of it! My loser exboyfriend bought me my 1st bottle of Bvlgari, but that's besides the point - I still like it!

"Bvlgari" by Bvlgari $125

This is classified as a refined, floral fragrance.
This feminine scent possesses a blend of violet, orange blossom, and jasmine.

Now, no matter what your favorite scent it, everything smells different once it's had time to mesh with your own skin chemistry. What smells great on one person, may not come off the same on someone else. It's best to test a scent for at least 30 minutes [on your skin, not one of those fragrance cards] to determine if you like it or not. Spray onto wrists, dab onto ear loboes, or spritz and walk into stream - do not rub the perfume into your skin. Doing so crushes the signature notes and doesn't give the scent it's true value.

Love My Life

My Tag line for my Coaching Business is Love Your Life.  Here is my Flyer that is currently being printed.

So I ask myself this question Do you Love Your Life?  Yes!  YES!!!  It feels great to be able to say an ENTHUSIASTIC YES I Love My Life!

I love the Coaching question - "Ask yourself from the heart, if I could be, do or have anything I would definitely..."  I love this question.  And even as I answer Yes I Love My Life - I still have dreams and a Vision and a Mission and set myself Goals.  Life for me is a Journey - I am not fixed on just getting to one destination, I Love My Life along the way, each and every day.

Today I have a day off work and I have set myself a new Challenge.  It is 30 April and for the next 30 days I am going to:
- Walk every day
- Meditate every day
- Not eat chocolate.

Being healthy is one of my top Goals - eating well and exercising.  I enjoy eating chocolate - yet I often feel sick after I eat chocolate.  Before moving in with my Man, I rarely ate chocolate (unless I was emotional) - yet with my Man having a sweet tooth and after all the easter eggs we received, I have been eating chocolate.  Time to take a break.  Plus I like giving my willpower a Challenge.

Walking every day is easy - the Challenge for me is to not start Running again - I need to take a break for now.  My back is still sore and I am just Grateful that I can go for a walk.  I am also concerned that I need to not put pressure on my body - as I can't wait to have my own baby - in Coaching we talk about what you "ache for" - and having my own baby always comes first to my mind.

I had set myself a Running Goal - and I was doing well - I had built up to over 43 minutes - yet now I find myself needing to change direction.  I am not giving up on my original Goal - yet when I ask myself the Coaching question about my Running "And why is that important to you?" the answer is revealed after asking the question a few times, that the most important reason I like Running is that I want to be healthy.  And so for now I need to adjust my Goal to Walking.  I like reading this paragraph in 'You Can Have An Amazing Life In Just 60 Days!' by Dr. John F. Demartini:
"Follow the Law of Completion, break down your Goals into smaller action steps, put them into reasonable time frames, and then reward yourself when you complete them.  Train yourself to do whatever you say or intend, and watch what happens!  Of course, you must figure in one other factor:  You may decide tomorrow that you have something more important to do and discard your previous plan.  That's okay.  Don't berate yourself over that.  You haven't failed to complete your Goal; you've simply clarified or upgraded it.  Some of the things you don't complete are simply refinements towards higher priority pursuits..."

I do love Walking.  I love to be out in nature, I love being outdoors.  In the past I have also enjoyed time at a gym - yet my preference in terms of Exercise is to be outside.  I just love the surprises and delights and gifts from the Universe.  Some of my favourite parts of my walk today were seeing 2 pelicans flying, walking through the park, I just love Trees, seeing one beautiful kookaburra (where I could stand within a metre and just admire the beauty) and then walking a few metres and seeing another kookaburra (I love kookaburras) and also coming close to two galahs (just love the colouring of the galah).

I love Birds.  I love Animals.  This is why Vegetarian is my preference.

I Love My Life in that I now I have the space to enjoy and explore.  I have a good day, time reflecting on my Business - just one week until I start my Business.  I journal, I write some lists and I enjoy a Meditation.  I love making the time for Meditation - it is my time - a time to connect with my Inner being, Higher Self, God, my Angels.  It is a time when I find deep peace and receive insights and Visions that spark ideas.

I also enjoy some housework, washing and vacuuming, I enjoy looking after our Home.  I love when my Man comes home from work and I am organised.  I love that I have a Home with my Man. 

And tonight I cook - I love cooking new Vegetarian dishes - it is Joyful for me and a way I enjoy to Spread The Yellow in our Home.  I make Vegetarian san chow bow for an entree and then I make roasted potatos and zucchini as a side dish with a main of roasted capsicum with a rice and tofu and vegetable filling.  I love cooking for my Man and myself - I love home-made, healthy Vegetarian cooking.

And now it is time to relax on the lounge with my Man and watch one of our favourite TV shows - just a time to relax together...


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pint-Size Prodigies

Meet: Cecilia Cassini,
Young Fashion Maven

Cecilia Cassini is certainly not your average 10-year-old kid. This fifth grader from Encino, California just founded her own fashion line and has been dubbed, America's youngest fashion designer. She is even making a profit for herself by selling the handmade clothing for tweens at select Los Angeles boutiques. She's also been filling special orders that are coming in from around the world.

Her motto: "You don't have to be an adult to do worthwhile things."

According to her mom, Cecilia's passion has always been fashion. From the time she could point, she was putting together her own outfits, and regularly came home from preschool with designs painted or glued onto her clothing. But it wasn't until she was 5 years old that her family fully understood her level of interest in clothing, when she "redesigned" her older sister's dress. She received her first sewing machine on her sixth birthday and immediately started creating her masterpieces.

Many of her dresses are made from old repurposed clothing that she scores from the closets of her older sister, mom, and friends instead of buying new fabrics. She strives to be a very eco-concious designer and even donates dresses to charitable foundations and to homeless children around the world.

Her first trunk show was in November 2009, at Tough Cookies Childrens Boutique in Sherman Oaks, California. Thanks to a little thing called publicity, including a CBS segment AND a front-page story in the Los Angeles Daily News, people lined up outside the store before it opened. Cecilia left with an empty trunk and she's been filling orders ever since.

This young entrepreneur has caught the eye of many household names, such as Diane von Furstenburg (seen here), whom she met at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City (yes, she received an invitation!). She's even hitting young Hollywood by storm, with celebrity parents like Denise Richards ordering pieces for her own daughters, and Bella Thorne of HBO's "Big Love" requested a custom dress to be featured in an episode. Just recently, her collection has been picked up by upscale department store, Fred Segal, in Southern California.

* * *

Meet: Aelita Andre,
Young Painter Extraordinaire

Like most 2-year-olds, Aelita Andre loves to play with paints, but instead of hanging on the fridge, this Australian toddlers' works are in an art gallery. Her parents, both artists, insist their daughter's works are all her own, and that they noticed her talent on the canvas at an early age.

Aelita's parents often took her to art galleries, and gave her canvases and acrylic paints - just like other parents provide paper and crayons for their children.

Her paintings went on display in an exhibition in Melbourne, Australia, alongside works by many established adult artists. The owner of the gallery found out her age only after accepting the works and promoting the exhibit. Her paintings are a beautiful showcase of the quality of a child's imagination.

The paintings are priced at between $240 and $1,400. Her parents have created and trust in Aelita's name, and said proceeds from any sale will be placed there.

* * *

Meet: Cleopatra Stratan,
Young Singing Sensation

7-year old, Cleopatra Stratan is one of the youngest people ever to score commercial success as a singer, with her 2006 album La vârsta de trei ani (at the ripe ole age of 3). It all began when her father, also a singer, was in the recording studio and little Cleo was playfully singing along. They turned notice to his daughter, and shockingly decided to make her the lead vocals on the song, "Mama" -- after that, she recorded an entire album and performed at concerts.

She made the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest talent ever (3 years old) to perform on stage, have her own album and already record several videos. She is the youngest artist to receive an MTV award and the youngest artist to have a #1 hit in a country - La vârsta de trei ani went double platinum in the summer of 2006, with her biggest hit being "Ghiţă". She is becoming known as the "new" Shirley Temple.

Last July, she launched her own Cleopatra doll, created according to her figure and wearing clothes similar to the ones she wore in her debut hit song. After having become the youngest singer with the most albums sold, at the age of five Cleo has now become a millionaire in euros. She is included in the top of the richest minors.

For Your Alternate Reading Pleasure

I began the month with a picture dump, for symmetry I penultimately end with a link dump, with pictures of course!

I had the pleasure to attend the inaugural seating of the Oakland Secret Kitchen, now it appears Eva has a website, which can only tempt locals and make those far from the Bay drool over their separation from the super secret suppers. I will report as the months and morsels roll on.

Lots of the olde poker crew complain that Amy does not update her personal blog enough any more. While that may be partially true, the quality of her commentary remains outrageously spot on, currently she equates bookies and Goldman Sachs. For those who need a more regular fix, you can always check out her day job

Staying in my olde haunts, while deeply immersed in poker I always read Dr. Pauly's Tao of Poker; I now consider it a sinful pleasure. But mirroring my own turn from poker to a more complete, if dyspeptic, view of life; I read his Tao of Pauly with a more camaraderie than before. Pauly plays with more sharp objects than I do and I wear chain mail when I venture out, he is more likely to go commando.

Somewhere in that same universe, the one described as birthed from poker but no longer there; this is where you and I find Brad Willis (Otis to his poker buddies). I get pleasure from reading, not from all reading, but when I do locate that pleasure center, well like any addict I tend to go back there time and time again . . . hence my penchant for Brad's writing on his RapidEyeReality site.

Another olde friend has launched her own website or blog or educational resource or alternate view of life on this rock. Clearly something completely different but I am back where I spent the 90s and far, far from the world both of poker and from what is often referred to as ordinary reality. If you have a passion or an interest in words like indigenous, sustainable, ecological, contra and far-out in a different realm --- you might want to check out Tina's view on the world

And now for yet another something completely different. One of my olde college roommates has been playing in a band for over a decade and now they are, well, nearly mainstream or at least moderately profitable, which means they can afford new sheet music. If you are fortunate enough to live the greater Boston area. I can without reservation recommend a night with the Party of 9. Check here for a sample of their faire.

And finally, I don't know him but I was sent a handful of his Hawaiian surf photos and just had to pass them on. You know I have a thing for web art that acts like a cyber flashbulb. The artist is Clark Little, his website is full of incredible images from the island surf. Below just one example.

Help Children In Poverty

I am Very Passionate about wanting to Help Children In Poverty, Children Living In Poverty.

I heard the Call last year - feeling Inspired to visit and support Children and Communities living in impoverished countries.

This Call seemed out of the ordinary, certainly without explanation, perhaps without logic - especially since there are other Causes that are very close to my heart - and also because I have never travelled before, and rather than being excited or motivated to go on a traditional holiday - here I am wanting to pay money to volunteer to be with the children.  It makes a lot of sense in that I love children - I just LOVE CHILDREN - yet, at my age I "should" just be focusing on having my own children, which is also a wonderful dream for me.  I can't wait to have my own baby - that will be my greatest dream come true.  And I still want to Make A Difference in the world.  It would not be easy for me to just live my life, without Consciousness or ACTION.

The Call is becoming stronger and stronger - especially after studying Vision and Purpose at College.   Normally I would race and make plans and work out a checklist to make this happen - using my head and getting action plans in place.  Yet now I am learning a new way of being in the world - allowing myself to just go with the flow and see where the Journey leads.  I am showing up and I am asking for God and the Universe to guide me.  This Project desires my Yin and Yang to work together as the creative force for the Greater Good.

I have been designing my Flyer for my Coaching business and I have included the statement - "Active in supporting children and communities in impoverished communities".  For every Coaching Session I will donate $5 towards charity.  It is a start.  I also have plans for my Spread The Yellow business - products and services - where money will also be donated to Help The Children Living In Poverty.

As well as donating money, in my heart I am also Inspired to visit the children and communities and volunteer my time.  This Call is strong for me.  My Yin is intuitively being guided, and then an 'Aha' moment came a few days ago and my Yang goes into action.  I had an idea, an insight, a remembering where university students go to impoverished communities - Yin heard her intuition - Yin got her Yang to Google "students volunteer travel" - and I am EXCITED - I find some great Projects where I can volunteer for 2 weeks.  Community work with children in Sangklaburi, Thailand, organised through STA Travel, catches my eye - I look into the eyes of these children in the photo and feel drawn to be in Thailand.

These are the words about the Project on the STA website "Enjoy working with children and want to help improve their lives?  Do you want to help children in a stunning part of Thailand who are not getting the care and attention they so deserve? This project helps the staff at care homes that are drastically underfunded and where the staff are overstretched and therefore greatly need any help that you can give them. You will be able to make a massive difference to these children’s lives by giving them support, playing games with them and teaching them English. All of which will give not only the children but the community as a whole a promising future to come." YES  YES  YES  YES!!

I look up the Calendar of Terms for College - we finish College on 30 August and go back to College on 20 September - there is availability from 4 September for 2 weeks.  I feel Very Inspired.

Rather than race to book this tour I decide to just sit with this idea (at least for a couple of weeks) - yet I am Excited.

And then today while sitting at home, watching the Channel 9 morning show which is unusual for me, normally I watch Channel 7 - I see an advertisement for 'Plan' - helping children and communities.  I haven't heard of Plan - yet I have been frequently visiting websites of World Vision, Oxfam, Tear Australia, Save The Children to see all the work that is being done and how I can get involved or if I would look at donating to their Projects.  And then today I learn about 'Plan' - glad my Yin was paying attention.  I am very Excited to learn about Plan, and my Yang is active in exploring their website - "About Plan - Plan is one of the oldest and largest children's development organisations in the world. We work with communities in 49 developing countries and raise funds to support our work in 21 countries like Australia. By actively involving children, and working at a grassroots level with no religious or political agenda, we unite and inspire people around the globe to transform the world for children."

When I read their website - there are some key paragraphs that really stand out for me:
- "Child centred community development is the term we use to describe how we aim to do our development work. It's a rights based approach to development where we support communities to develop the structures and skills they need to provide a safe and healthy environment in which children are able to realise their full potential.  It is our belief, based on many years of experience, that this can be achieved only if children’s best interests are at the heart of everything we do and if children themselves actively participate in the process."  As a Coach, I love the words they use - Community, Development, Support, Children are able to realise their Full Potential - and I love that children are actively involved - they are being given the tools for their own Empowerment, realising and releasing their own power within.

- "Children are the hardest hit by poverty.  Childhood is the most crucial development period in an individual’s life. It is when an individual’s main physical, mental, emotional and social development and growth takes place. Damage at this stage cannot be overcome later in life, and poor children are likely to pass poverty onto their children, perpetuating the cycle. Poverty reduction must begin with children."

- "Poverty alleviation generally tries to increase income at a household level. Children, though, exist within households and usually have the least power and influence on how income is spent. This is particularly true for girls. Poor households often have to cut back on expenses for children and frequently are forced to rely on sending the children to work. Battling with extreme poverty every day often leaves adults too busy and exhausted to properly nurture children. To combat child poverty we need to consider the impact poverty is having on children in poor families."

What I also Love about Plan is that you can not only Sponsor children and communities but you can also organise to visit the communities, organised through Plan - this is wonderful - to see the difference your sponsorship is making in their world.  I also love that they encourage fundraising activities - which I will embrace through my Spread The Yellow business to increase awareness and donate funds to Make A Difference.

I feel so Grateful that I am open to the gifts from the Universe - increasing my Awareness and my Yin intuitively being guided to opportunities where I CAN Help The Children Living In Poverty.  I know that my Family will say that I "should" just be focusing on getting married and having my own children - and this is also important to me - and I cannot ignore this Call - "I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." (Helen Keller)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eating Animals

I have been reading the book 'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer for the last few weeks.  It is definitely a book that has opened my eyes and opened my heart. 

I read a few pages each day - there are so many stories, so many facts and figures - so much heartbreak.

I saw this book promoted on 'Ellen' and I loved hearing the author talk about his Mission to create Conversations after reading his book.  This book definitely has the ability to create Conversations.  It has the capacity to change lives - change the world - one by one.  I am Inspired to make changes in my life.

I could retype sections or paragraphs from the book - there is so much in this book - yet there are some parts in the book that really stand out for me.  The author talks about his dog, how much he loves his dog and offers the space for us to consider why it would never be okay (in most countries) for us to eat our dogs, yet that we find it easy to eat meat from cows, chickens, pigs.  Another similar story that stands out for me is the story of Knut, the first polar bear born to Berlin Zoo in 30 years, and how much Knut was loved by the City with people crowding into the zoo to watch Knut - yet just a few metres away from Knut's enclosure was a stand selling "Wurst de Knut", made from the flesh of factory-farmed pigs, "which are at least as intelligent and deserving of our regard as Knut.  This is the species barrier."


It is surprising to me, when I read about "Bycatch" - the amount of species that are regularly killed in pursuit of "seafood" - "What if there were labeling on our food letting us know how many animals were killed to bring our desired animal to our plate?... Imagine being served a plate of sushi.  But this plate also holds all of the animals that were killed for your serving of sushi.  The plate might have to be five feet across."

This statement stands out for me - "Factory farming's success depends on consumers' nostalgic images of food production - the fisherman reeling in fish, the pig farmer knowing each of his pigs as individuals, the turkey rancher watching beaks break through eggs - because these images correspond to something we respect and trust."  It is interesting - I believe it is all about Awareness and Consciousness - if the regular consumer was aware of the facts and images behind Eating Animals - I am sure that people would make different choices.  It is similar to the plight of Orang-utans - I am sure if people had a Consciousness that using regular soap means chopping down tress that threaten Orang-utans, than I am sure that people would look for alternatives.

Consciousness is a big thing for me - I am wanting to be Conscious of my choices in terms of the Environment and Eating Animals.  Recently we went to Yum Cha with friends - it was crazy (in my opinion) - we all sat around a round table and we just kept getting dishes and dishes and dishes and dishes and dishes served to us - I just kept hearing friends saying "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" - and what appeared to be eating unconsciously between tangents of stories.  I love getting together with friends - and yet I was very happy that last week we met at a cafe, where I happily enjoyed a Vegetarian pizza with my Man and most of all enjoyed more space for great Conversations with friends - more opportunity to Connect, time of Spread The Yellow.

I am only halfway through the book - and I am distressed when I read descriptions of the suffering of cows, pigs and chickens.  The author has not included any photos - yet these are easy to find on the Internet.  Here is a site on what is happening in Australia - images and words are definitely upsetting - there is a lot of information on this site -

I have previously been a Vegan - this was about 8 years ago.  At the same time I was very into my Running, and so I was very much into my carbs - eating a lot of pasta - rather than learning about healthy Vegan living.  I am now finding it more difficult to eat animal flesh - I don't eat chicken or red meat.  And I have been hesitant to take on the label of Vegetarian - even though this is definitely my preference - Eating Animals no longer works for me.

Last time I adopted a Vegan lifestyle, it was difficult - mentally, emotionally, socially.  I remember not wanting to use the same chopping board or knives as my ex-husband (yes, I was obsessive) - and I remember going out to dinner and asking the waiter 20 questions, such as, asking about the stock used in the risotto.  Looking back this was a stressful time - especially, since my relationship was not working.

I feel different now.  I do not want to get so stressed or restrictive - although I do want to make Conscious choices.  I also no longer want to get up on the soapbox and try and convince others to change or adopt a certain lifestyle.  I can only make choices for myself and be true to myself.  Most important for me is respecting the choices of others, where we meet in a peaceful space. 

In my heart, Eating Animals does not feel right for me.  Yet this is a journey - at this point I am still eating fish (Consciously) - although the facts in this book are definitely upsetting - and I am always conscious of blessing the fish before I eat them - although - it is still very hard for me.

And I live with my Man who enjoys eating meat.  I learnt a lot from living with my ex-husband and I want to always Learn from my experiences.  And so I accept our differences.  Tonight I eat a Vegetarian patty and salad, and although my Man would normally cook his own meat, he is working later, he has been working so hard, with so little sleep, and so I bless his meat and cook it for him.  In my Mission to Love and Serve through my Coaching and as I Spread The Yellow, it is important to me that I always make time and space for my Loved ones.  I am Grateful to be at home and we enjoy dinner together.

I don't like preparing and cooking Animals, I don't like Eating Animals - yet, I love my Man - and I am glad to prepare a meal for him - since he has been happily enjoying all my Vegetarian dishes. 

I will continue to read this book and continue to embrace a preference for a Vegetarian lifestyle, without the label (for now), and I will see where this Journey flows...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Full Pink Moon

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday 28th) at 8:18 AM EDT [5:18 PDT] will be the exact moment of the next full moon, which means tonight will be the fullest those of us in the Americas will see the moon this month. I will have to hope for an opening in the clouds later tonight because right now its grey and raining across the San Francisco Bay, hopefully where you are, there will be better viewing.

Early civilizations often named the full moons and the months they appeared. Since I am in currently in a part of the world previously populated by "native american" tribes. I thought it might be interesting to look at those labels. So the Wolf Moon in January is in the Wolf month and the Harvest Moon is well you got that one, right?

Tomorrow's is the Pink Full Moon and that might need some explanation. Apparently the moon namers were mostly Eastern and Northern tribes, so the relevance might be lost on us Californians. The grass pink or wild ground phlox is a widespread flower of spring in many parts of the Eastern U.S., hence the pink of the Pink Full Moon. Other lunar names for this month include: the Egg Moon, the Full Sprouting Moon and for those more coastal tribes -- the Full Fish Moon.

In some years the Full Pink Moon is also the Pascal Moon, which sets the date for Easter. The pagan and now christian usurped spring holiday is held the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. Vernal equinox was March 20th this year, followed by a Full Worm Moon on March 29th, so we had an early Easter this year on April 4th.

Wherever you are, take a peek tonight at the Pink Full Moon. I am sorely tempted to make some Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon reference. Well wait, I guess I just did.

Next month, the Full Flower Moon.
photo credit: NASA

Feeling Blue

I have been Feeling Blue - Yellow is always close to me and within easy reach - yet today I have been okay to sit with Feeling Blue - to just Surrender to it.  It would have been easy for me to get busy and run towards the Light - yet I have been okay with being Blue - at least for today.   Yesterday I woke up and had to find some Inspiration - I am noticing a pattern - so today I just allow myself, to make it okay, to honour my Feeling Blue.

I woke up in pain with my back and I had a headache - I definitely didn't feel well enough to go to work - and this is not good - work is important to me - I don't like letting my Boss down when I know he has scheduled me on a Project - and my need for the security of my pay is also high.  Yet today I choose Self-Care and decided to just rest and indulge myself in Blue.  I even gave a friendly directive to my Man that he doesn't have to cheer me up - that it is okay if I'm feeling Blue today.  My Man still took one of the pink roses from my vase of VERY beautiful roses (that he bought for me yesterday) and handed it to me and gave me a kiss. 

I look through 'The Blue Day Book' by Bradley Trevor Greive (that sits on my bookshelf) - great images they make me smile.

In my Feeling Blue today - there is a blankness, a feeling of no emotion, no energy, no excitement, no Yellow.  And so I honour this feeling of Blue - after breakfast I go back to bed for Meditation - I fall asleep, no alarm set, I just trust what my body needs right now.  There is so much that I could have done today - I read a few pages of a book and watched a bit of TV.  My Yang likes to be productive and get things done - yet my Yin is happy for quiet and rest as I am not feeling motivated or inspired or energised. 

I am so Feeling Blue that I even Google 'blue images' -

My Yin is enjoying this time - and then I am Inspired to look up bluebird - my Yin emotional part of me remembers having a bracelet with bluebirds -

My Yin is Inspired to get out the pencil case and paper and I do some Art Therapy for myself - I use every Blue crayon, pencil and texta that I have - as well as a black and then a yellow crayon.  I cannot draw - I am not an Artist - yet Art Therapy is fun - I actually love it - I can just colour and do what I want - there is no Judge here - I just draw from an emotional, spiritual level.

Whenever I am Feeling Blue, it is sometimes so reassuring - it reminds me that I am human and grounds me.  Feeling Blue also helps me in always having empathy for others - I do not believe that we can explain or Judge the emotions of another - or even Judge or disown our own Feelings.  Whenever I am Feeling Blue, I am very conscious of not falling down the black hole - I have been deep in the black hole before - a long time ago - another lifetime away - yet I remember - and this is what has brought me to Coaching - wanting to catch people before they fall down the black hole.  As I sit in Feeling Blue, I am very conscious of so much Yellow so close to me.

I find a drawing from my Man that he had previously drawn for me - this does make my heart sing.

I decide to go and rest - Meditation calls me...

WOW!!!  Something shifts in me after the Meditation - I feel much lighter - I feel surrounded by Light. 

In the Meditation I was able to witness, sense some beautiful images.  I had a sense that at first I was like a blue foetus, alone, all alone, a sense that I am separate to the world. 

And then I had this sense and visual of me standing up and rays of Light were coming through me and around me and the Yellow rays came within and I was Yellow and blue and then the Yellow and blue became green and then pink whirled around and through me, around me - it was incredible - I was connected to everything - the Universe, Light and Energy surrounded me, flowed to me, flowed through me, THE UNIVERSE IS THERE FOR ME.  After my Meditation, I look up images, these come close (yet so far) to the images of my experience (and I hold the image in my mind's eye). 



I then had a sense of looking over at the blue foetus and loving the blue foetus, this part of me, the part that is alone - and the blue foetus part of me, opens up and holds out its hands, my hands, my hands holding a heart. 

I then had an image of my Coaching logo, realising that I am not alone, that it is not only about me giving out my energy - yet that I am surrounded and loved by the Universe and that I will be guided and held in a space of Light to bring my dream to life.

This experience was AMAZING. I have heard others talk about such sensations and visuals - and how wonderful to experience this sense of Joy and Connection and Energy.

After my Meditation I feel ALIVE.  I look at the Artwork for my Flyer with fresh eyes.  I have been so in Yang mode, trying to get this 'done', getting quotes from different flyers, ACTION, ACTION - that I had abandoned some of my Yin.  I print out my Business Card and my Flyer and my Yin feels emotionally connected - my Yin intuitively knows that I can approve the Flyer Artwork.  I am excited as despite all the different quotes and that (unfortunately) printing on recycled paper is more expensive, this is not a difficult decision for me - I am committed to making business decisions that minimise the harm on Mother Earth - I email the Artwork to the printer and I can't wait to get my Flyers.  I can't wait to Spread The Yellow through my Coaching.

I feel that the Universe has given me the opportunity today to rest and relax.  I am Grateful that I didn't ignore or race away from my Feeling Blue - I actually enjoyed the quiet time, hanging on the couch time.  After my Meditation, I am also feeling less pain in my back.  The Meditation was so powerful.  I love to witness my emotions shifting naturally - without the need to force myself back to Yellow.

I have my energy back.  I am excited when I get a knock on the door - knowing it is my Box of Fruit and Vegetables that I ordered from a local Organic company.  It is a mystery box - a surprise!! And I am delighted - love that there is plenty of fresh fruit and love that there is broccoli, my favourite.

I make a Vegetarian pasta dish - happy!!!  And now I watch "Australia's Got Talent" - GREAT SHOW!  I just love to see people Passionate about what they are doing, committed to their Passion, giving it a go - and I loved the words of one of the contestants, a beautiful opera singer - love these words - "IT'S MY TIME NOW"... 

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