Thursday, July 31, 2008

Free Army Clipart

Free military clipart of soldiers, military vehicles, army operations, and war. This free army clipart makes a useful addition to any webpage made in support of our troops.

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Baseball Clipart Free

Baseball clipart! Free images of baseball players, baseball glove clipart, baseball bat clipart, baseball batter clipart, youth baseball clipart free pics!

Baseball Clipart Free ball picture.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Talking to the Enemy

[Content Disclosure: 0% Poker, 86% Politics, 34% Evil Empire, 3% Stem Cells, 4% Abortion, 5% Taxes, 6% Iraq and/or Afghanistan, 7% Economy, 19% etc.]

It seems the Republican Party is writing itself a platform and it also seems they have decided to take open comments from the public. I know they may not listen but what the heck it is really an amazing release to express yourself to the enemy. Now if the Democrats would only do the same I could be doubley satisfied. Anyways, you have to register and I am sure you will get some email solicitations from the RNC but what the heck you get those internet jokes from your relatives anyway, so why not get a laugh care of the Republicans.

You sign-up here. And after they send you a password, they also prompt you with all of the issues you really want to yell at them about, it's so handy that way. I got to tell them about stem cell research and abortion... Oh and gay marriage, the war, immigration and faith-based programs. It really was an interesting release, sorta like yelling into a cyclone. And some poor young staffer is going to have to read those and think the devil incarnate has internet access.

Animated Baseball Clipart

Download your free animated baseball clipart of batters, pitchers, catchers, umpires, outfielders, etc. These animated baseball clip art are downloadable for free, for non-commercial use.

Animated Baseball Clipart of kid holding baseballs.

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Animated baseball clipart gif image of umpire calling SAFE.

Disney animated baseball clipart of Mickey Mouse swinging for ball.

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